Dreams and Wonderlust

I dream of travel!
I do! I want to go everywhere!!! When I was at school I changed my mind on “What I wanted to be” every few months cos the only thing I ever really wanted to do was see the world. If only I had known back then that it would have been easier to do if I had studied harder to snag a well-paying job! 😀

Now that I have my boys, I dream of taking them to awesome destinations. The US is my latest dream holiday with them. The seed was planted when Harrison discovered there was a “Lego Land”! Almost at the same time my friend posted a link to THE.MOST.AWESOME. cruise I’ve ever seen. So it began … And where else, but Pintrest? :

Lego Land
Disneyworld Florida
The Grand Canyon
(I wonder if I’ll be game enough for the glass walkway out over the Canyon!! haha)

Las Vegas

Hollywood – As the pic says 😉

San Francisco

And, my most coveted location to visit in the US :


It’s also not as expensive as I had thought either. I was amazed at some of the flight deals that are out there!

I’ve always said I’d like to spend my 40th in New York, so I guess time will tell … Short term holidays tho, I think this is where we will head :


Where is your dream destination? Are you taking an exciting holiday soon?


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