Plodding Along

Sew, I have been quite busy in the last few weeks!

I began a new job {within the same company} at the beginning of February and it has been quite a steep learning curve! I am now on the paint counter and all that it entails.

When I started there, 3 1/2yrs ago, I had the thought that my new position is where I wanted to head after night fill so I’m on track that way so far 🙂

I like it because I use the products {to an extremely small extent it now seems! haha} and they interest me … But there is so much more entailed than I thought! It’s been quite hard and I am on weird shifts that mean working one huge 3 day weekend and then not again for 11 days. I get into the swing of things and used to it only to be away from it and forget stuff all over again.

Oh well, I will get there I am sure!
This week just gone I had 3 full day training course and man!! They were soooo interesting! I learned so much and I think they are a valuable thing to have under my belt. I am hugely fortunate to have one come up so soon after my move 🙂

My littlest man is going really well in Kindy and loves it! Which makes me extremely happy 🙂
It makes it easier to enjoy my ‘Me’ time when I’m not feeling guilty and worried …

This week I have a couple of coffees and lunch dates with girlfriends, but I hope to squeeze some interesting projects in between 🙂 I will also get some sewing done hopefully!

Here is a picture of the gorgeous flowers my littlest man pinched from our friend’s garden :

flowers from RyPy

Anyhow, I hope to be able to show you some pics of what I am up by the end of the week 🙂

What are you up to this week?