40 is the Word

So, like I mentioned in my last post – I turned the bog 4-0hhh-noo last month …How the hell did that happen??
Remember back when 40 seemed sooo old? Me too!
Doesnt seem that bad so far – alot like 39 haha! 🙂
And you know what they say …..
I decided to make a list of {non-quilty} things I want to achieve in my 40’s.
1. Sky Diving.
2. Learn another language.
3. Take a trip somewhere completely new each year. {This one will be HARD!}
4. Visit each state in our fantabulous country.
5. {Try and} Learn to ski. On snow. I can water ski {well, that is to say I used to be able to water ski – not sure I’d be able to actually get up on the skis any more! haha}
6. Get and stay fit and healthy – I’m already on my way with that one!
7. Get more into my furniture recycling and creating.
8. Buy a cool new car! *sigh* one day.
9. Buy a better camera and get back into photography.
10. Sew. Quilt. Make. Create … Design even.

Hmmm … seems a little wishy-washy hey? To be honest, I am not the best in making plans and mapping my life. I have always been a bit of an “As the wind blows me” kinda gal. This year’s goals are to finish my TAFE course; find a job in that field; take a short trip somewhere new with my little family. Not too shabby a goal list for this year 🙂

Do you set life goals? 5 year plans? Or just take it as it comes?
I’d love for you to tell me!
Have a GREAT weekend! {I’m working all weekend so not much sewing will be done *sigh*}

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March 2nd??? … where did February go?

Hey everyone!
Sorry it’s been static round here – I blinked and a whole month was gone …
What have you been up to? Please share!
What have I been up to?

First I settled my little people into school life again :
IMG_5912Here with Maisy the Prep guinea pig 🙂 My littlest started prep this year! Where has the time gone???

I joined in a couple of QALs!
Here are my first two blocks from the Snapshots QAL :
Snapshots QAL Block 1
Snapshots QAL Block 2I will have to share pics from the others next time as I haven’t taken any yet lol

I painted our spare room.
This is the colour the whole interior is going to be painted – Taubman’s Straun Grey:
IMG_5859I will eventually replace the blinds and wardrobe doors, but it looks nice and fresh so far 🙂

I put a new QS bed together {all by myself in under an hour lol} for our newly painted spare room :
IMG_5870{Yes, that is where my Kate’s Kate now lives!! 🙂 } Curtains were yet to be re-hung in this one …

I made a VERY exciting discovery!!
Leaders and enders!
Cut all your scraps to 2.5″ squares and sew a couple together at the start and end of each chain during a project! I can’t tell you how much thread I am saving!!! And I am ending up with these :
IMG_5840And you can just keep adding to it! I am going to keep going til I have a huge bright, scrappy quilt top!

I’ve been to the optometrist :
IMG_5900I also turned the big 4-OHHH in February!!! Or as I like to call it, Thirty-ten 🙂
… which might explain my diminishing eyesight haha

I have also been sick and had a niggling cough for a few weeks which I am only just shaking.
And been working hard as usual. I love meeting so many of my customers – I get some fabulous tips and got one this weekend that I am keen to try out when the weather cools down and I can get back in the shed to work on it 🙂

Anyhow … That’s how I’m doing. I’d love if you’d let me know how you are doing!

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