P.S…… {Beware of language about to ensue ;) }

P!NK was FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me on the balcony of our apt. just before we left! {Note the pink hair 😉 😉 }


Singing with Nate via technology ❤


Loved the “Truth About Love” tour!


She landed on a taaaallllll pillar just a couple of meters from us!!! 😀

I think I may just have to go see her again next time she tours 🙂


Catch Up!

Hmmm I seem to be very slack lately and all I do is play “Catch Up”
Manic Mumdays, sewing, household … Ugh!

I need to make some lists and work my way thru them.

I made this darling quilt months ago:


I’ve even quilted it! All it needs is the binding but I havnt gotten my shit together enough to get cracking on it!
I also have a table centre and placemat set to finish as well … Argh! I swear, I drive myself nucking futs sometimes!


Anyhooo … I have also just signed up for my *FIRST* Quilting Bee!
We are making this for the first Queen :


This gorgeous little block comes together like a dream! I love it so much I am going to make one for someone very special’s Birthday or Christmas maybe 🙂

I am the next Queen tho and I am pretty sure I have chosem my block … Decisions, decisions!


I am going to try my darndest to make it back sooner rather than later for my next post 🙂
Catch ya’s on the flip side xo