So, every year or so I start a new Leader and Ender project … this year I was going to do Bonnie Hunter’s Shoo Fly that she did a while back. But Mum reminded me to watch Missouri Star Quilt Co’s latest video and – wow!!

Bonnie Hunter’s 2019 Leader and Ender challenge. You can find her at (Or click on the pic!)

The gorgeous Jenny Doan is the matriarch of this family run business, and I have been subscribing to and watching her you tube tutorial videos for years!

In the last year or two she has been doing a monthly “Triple Play” video with her daughters Natalie and Misty. This month they did a Crumb quilt each! Jenny made a crumb quilt from 10’ blocks with piano keys border; Natalie made a Carpenters Square from 5” blocks; and Misty made an Orange Peel quilt. They were all gorgeous!

The Missouri Star Quily Co girls. You can find them at (or click on the pic)

After watching the tutorials I decided I would smash my scraps and make a Crumb quilt as my 2022 Leader and Ender! I will do a Jenny’s style – for now, who knows where this might end up 😆

Can. Not. Wait! to share some pics!

And never fear, I think I will make some Shoo Fly blocks along the way too! 😍

💕Kate xo


Short and Sweet

Today was my work Tuesday, so no sewing to share …. But have you ever heard of Wordle?

I’ve only played 3 times cos I keep forgetting 😱 Today I got the hang of it! I lost one because I didn’t realise you could repeat letters *doh! It’s fun tho. You should check it out, they only release one game per day ☺️

Feel free to share them in the comments if you try it 💕 ~ Kate xo

Netflix and chill

I’ve not been doing much of interest the last week or so … back to work has me exhausted, and it’s been hot as hell. So Netflix and chill is my current mood and motto!

I have done a little sewing – as I mentioned in my last post, Molli Sparkles is hosting the #cutitupqal and I am participating 😍

This is the current block : Flying Geese! Made my favourite way 💚💙❤️💛🤍💜

For the “Chill” part of my title, we’ve been hanging out in the aircon. Summer sucks here. And for the “Netflix”, I’ve got a couple of Kate Reviews for you! … you know, cos you didn’t ask ‘n’ all 😆

I just started Season 3 of one of my favourite shows ever – After Life. Ricky Gervais is a comic genius and I’ve been waiting for this season to drop for ages, and since it has I’ve been putting off watching it. Which seems weird, but it’s only 6 episodes per season and once I’ve watched it, it’s gone … if that makes sense? lol

After Life. “Kate Reviews” rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ve also been watching “And Just Like That …” on Foxtel. I only learned this was even a thing a few weeks before it dropped so I was keen for a look.

I’m not sure what you guys think of it, but it’s not doing much for me. It’s lost a couple of vital characters due to a death on the show early on, and one of my faves, Samantha is not appearing. It was also sad to hear of the sad passing of Willie Garson (Stanford) and I assume his limited scenes were due to his illness and treatment ☹️

I loved the original SATC series and the first movie. The second movie was rubbish and I’m not loving this one. But I only have two episodes left, so will watch on. I’m kinda hopeful there won’t be a second season. Then I won’t have to decide if I want to keep watching or not! Ha! Charlotte’s voice annoys me in AJLT. It’s shrill and she’s half yelling everything. I do like some of the new characters, Seema, Nya, and Che in particular. I’ve always been a bit of a Sara Ramirez fan. Have you ever heard them sing?

AJLT… “Kates Reviews” rating ⭐️⭐️

It’s my hubby’s birthday today, so I’m going to do a bit of sewing before we head out for sushi!

Take care, Kate xo

One Down,

51 to go.

Weeks, that is.

(Hmmmm seems like this one didn’t publish last night haha tired much? 🤪)

We’re just over a week into 2022 and I am sadly heading back to work tomorrow 😭😭😭

I decided to join one of my favourite bloggers in a QAL this year! The CUT IT UP QAL! The only prerequisite is that you cut up and use some of your collection!

Head over to for details and to join in!!

I have decided to use some Amy Butler. I have been hoarding it for years and so far have cut from her “Love”; “Lark”; “Glow”; and “Cameo” collections!

I didn’t have a firm idea of how many I wanted to do. I meant to do a couple, but wasn’t thinking and cut every block needed from each fabric I pulled! 🤦‍♀️ So I ended up with 10 x 12” blocks!

I’m looking forward to seeing what Molli chooses for the next blocks!

I’m off to be now, like I said, back to work tomorrow and a 5.30am alarm beckon s 😭😴

Take care, Kate xo

From Chaos

… comes order. I hope!

Do you ever feel like there’s just too much chaos around you to create anything? Or get anything done? I feel like I have SO much “to do” that I don’t know where to begin!

Back to school happens in a couple of weeks and we have a heap of purchases to make and things to do between now and then … and back to work happens on Monday for the Hubster and I 😭😭

I have finished my first quilt top for 2022! Here is a pic :

My 12yo helper says “Ready! I’m smiling!” 🤣😂 He tickles my funny bone!

I have also begun a list of UFOs. I am determined to get some finished this year! I feel if I get some special containers and set out exactly what I have to do I will get it done … does anyone else lie to themselves like this too? I kinda need to have a bit of a destash. Anyone have any tips? lol

Oh well, I’m off to make a start on my “to do” list! And by that I mean – I’m off to tackle Mt Foldmore! 😆 Does the washing, folding, ironing, cooking, cleaning ever end?!?

Take care!

Kate xo


This year I am going to use what ever title comes to mind first, when I am shaping a post in my head. I was thinking of writing a post condensing what I had created last year. Yes, one post will do it. I don’t feel like I achieved much in 2021 besides keeping my head – and my family’s heads – above water. So one post will definitely do it! We were effectively on a treadmill.

I was even going to mention a long weekend away, but realised even that happened the year before! 15 months ago in fact. I guess no one is travelling tho, hey.

So I’ll just leave a couple of photos for now and be done with the last year or two for today ☺️

We stayed by the beach 💙
Visited an old castle! Paronella Park
Huge trees! I don’t remember what they are, it was 15mths ago after all haha
We saw a million road signs cautioning drivers that these guys were everywhere and only saw one Cassowary!! On our very last day – driving home if you can believe that! 😆😆

OK. That’s all I have today. I’m off to disconnect 😉 Kate xo

Word of the Year ~ 2022

This year my Word of the Year is a bit of a conundrum! (Conundrum isn’t my word tho 😉)

My word is:

The conundrum part is … I want to connect more to people that are important to me … Achieve more in my sewing, work, family, and “solo” aspects of life; and learn more. But I feel to do that I need to disconnect. Ya get me?

I really need to disconnect from gadgets, socials, and – when I’m not there – work. On the flip side, since I’d also like to connect to people I love more and also sew/create more, I kinda need to not disconnect totally. lol. See?! A conundrum!

Well. We’ll see how I go.

What’s your Word of the Year?

Happy New Year Friends!

Hi Friends!

Happy New Year! Did you see the new year in? We went to the early fireworks with the kids and realxed in the airconditioning to see off 2021 ☺️ Its been steamy here!

I am on holidays for another week and am trying to get a little done around the house … some painting etc. I feel like I need a bomb under me to find some motivation, tho!

I have been doing a little sewing tho ☺️

I’m off to do a little more sewing now! Happy January, Happy 2022!

Kate xo




  1. occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated.”sporadic fighting broke out”

I guess thats how I’d best describe my blogging style 😆 Sorry guys! I promise each time to be better, but break it before long so I’ll not do that this time.

I’ll just say, ”Life is busy. And boringly un-blogworthy most of the time. But i will try to do better.”

A lot has been going on in the world since I last posted, hasn’t it!? How are you coping? Are you doing ok?

Its only a couple if hours til this shitty year is done, so HAPPY NEW YEAR! I sincerely hope that 2022 is all that you are wishing for and that you have a happy and safe one 💕

Another Project …

… done and dusted!

I found this cute little bedside table on a sell/swap/buy page a couple of years ago:

5B8D6D60-20D6-4710-8C04-F7950DE8596EI’ve been using it as is waiting for some colour inspiration. I considered a pretty metallic or a bright purple, but never felt it in my bones. Until I moved a chest of drawers into the same room. I had a clear vision of what I want to do with that piece from the start so I decided to kinda match this to it! Here she is all finished :


I am a little bit in love with it! I feel all goofy-smiley when I look at it! I used Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Charcoal and waxed over the paint. Here’s a close up of the handle which has screws behind but doesn’t come off 🤔 so I had to tape well and paint it while attached.

Can you see the tiny scratch on the top left? I did that with a fingernail while waxing it 😩 I will fix it another time. For the handle I used Dulux Duramax Spray Paint in Rose Gold.

I also used my favourite Edge Lock Blue Tape to tape the sides of the drawer cos they have these awesome hand cut dove tail joints! It would have been a shame to paint over them.


And I left what might be my favourite thing til last … check this out!!


How pretty are they? 😍 Rightio, I’m off to feed the masses, I’ll won’t share the chest of drawers project for a few weeks as we have visitors coming soon and I don’t want to chance them not being done as back in the spare room 😁

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