From Chaos

… comes order. I hope!

Do you ever feel like there’s just too much chaos around you to create anything? Or get anything done? I feel like I have SO much “to do” that I don’t know where to begin!

Back to school happens in a couple of weeks and we have a heap of purchases to make and things to do between now and then … and back to work happens on Monday for the Hubster and I 😭😭

I have finished my first quilt top for 2022! Here is a pic :

My 12yo helper says “Ready! I’m smiling!” 🤣😂 He tickles my funny bone!

I have also begun a list of UFOs. I am determined to get some finished this year! I feel if I get some special containers and set out exactly what I have to do I will get it done … does anyone else lie to themselves like this too? I kinda need to have a bit of a destash. Anyone have any tips? lol

Oh well, I’m off to make a start on my “to do” list! And by that I mean – I’m off to tackle Mt Foldmore! 😆 Does the washing, folding, ironing, cooking, cleaning ever end?!?

Take care!

Kate xo


2 thoughts on “From Chaos

  1. Oh, another lovely one! My trick for handling the To Do? Whichever one is cluttering up my cutting table the worst! If I pile up the To Dos and refuse to move them till I clear the decks by actually Finishing something, it stops me from starting anything new… Good luck with the laundry mountain!

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