Where has May gone???

Hmmmm … Where did May go???

Why, oh why does time go so fast? Is it just cos I’m a Mum now? Or is it the same for everyone?

I swear it never used to fly so …

I have just farewelled my gorgeous sister Boo, her hubby, and her 3 gorgeous little munchkins – Lockstar, Potater and Moo

😦 So I am sad.

Going to drag my sewing stuff back out and mess my loungeroom up again now! I have some mending and a replacement t-shirt to do first and then I am laying out 2 cot quilts and have some skirts and bunting cut out and ready to sew this week.

The last 2 things I sewed last week :
A shirred maxi dress (CKC pattern, I did the sew along with them again!) for Moo and Darth Vader cape for JoJo.
I was most upset to see he had taken it off at school for the costume parade … he looked so totally awesome I thought!!

Miele CKC dressIMG_1518

Some pics of my recently visiting family 🙂

The 4 Rascally boys eating dinner … they loved their own special table lol 🙂

 IMG_1542 IMG_1546
My niece Moo with me on the left and with her Mum, my sister Boo on the right 🙂

IMG_1558 IMG_1550

Us 3 girls on the left, and all the cousins together on the right 🙂


Lockstar, Pie and Potater being Batmen! (can you all sense a theme in my blogs? My boys love Batman!)

And finally, how it looks in my little piece of paradise today :


Will be back soon to show you some pics of my 2 raggy quilts on the mat today!
Catch ya on the flip side x


Busy but still slack

I am naughty. I haven’t blogged for ages.

These are some of the reasons why : I was doing a sew along and have now completed a couple of the same item :



Batman Set CollageIMG_1400

This one is a pic of my “Two Little Rascals”, (who rarely get clothing made for them) in the shorts they chose the fabric for.
How cute are my cool lil dudes?!?! 🙂


I also have another 4 pairs of shorts and T shirt sets made and 2 skirt sets half done.
I am going to have my first Market night starting with them. I have also got half a dozen bunting and a Raggy Quilt on my cutting table.
I think my favourite purchase of 2012 besides my Janome (which technically my Darling Mum bought me anyhow) was my bias tape maker. I love, love, love it! No longer will I pay outlandish prices for bias (or miss out all together cos Spotlight don’t carry enough range!).
Most importantly, I can make any colour to match. It’s so versatile 🙂

This is a bunting I made this week 🙂

image_1367800133229858 IMG_1422

I am waaayyyy late to the party but I absolutely ADORE Chevron fabrics right now!!!!!
I can be a little aloof and snobby with ‘trends’ so I initially turned my nose up at them. I’ve done a 180 now tho haha

On a different sewing note, I sewed my gardens and seedling trays yesterday. Tomatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Zucchini,
Snow Peas, Chilli and Green Beans are all in. As well as some flowers. I am trying to get my favourite flower in the world, Gerbras, to strike.
And a couple of random pots of California poppy and Pansies. Going to try to get some colour into the front garden again!

Anyhow, I am off to do some more cut, cut, cutting and then some sewing! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!! 🙂