Things I dont get …

There are A LOT of things I don’t get …
But right now I want to talk about a couple of quilting things I just don’t understand.

OK, firstly. Low Volume.

  I’ll admit it. I just don’t get “low volume”.
I don’t. On the whole, to me, they’re a bit boring! I love me some good BOLD colour!
Not to the point that they hurt the corneas, but I’d love to see more lovely colour – please!

This is more my speed 😉

Maybe it’s just me.
I’m not really one for fads {Unless that fad includes Kate Spain! She can do no wrong in my eyes haha }
For example, I like chevron fabric.

I would even go so far as to say I really like some of them – if the colour’s right 😉
But I didn’t understand the whole craze surrounding them.
It seemed for a while there you couldn’t find a showcase or fabric
sale/shop without them and it drove me a little nuts …

Oh, and while I’m at it, why fuglies??
They’re truly fugly and I have no idea why any designer would make them!

Anyhow ….. On a different note, I forgot to share a fabulous little dress I made for a special girl to wear to Taylor Swift!

 MM 13MM 13 2

She looked fabulous in it too! 🙂
I think this is the most challenging garment I have ever made!
There is 10m of chiffon in that skirt and a lot of the sequins around the edges are hand sewn on 🙂
But I think it was worth it! The underneath work isn’t even close to my neatest unfortunately,
but that didn’t translate to a messy top luckily lol

Anyhow … off to do some Block sewing! 2 posts in 2 days plus still bursting with mojo – Squeee!


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

 “… And sometimes when you’re not.

Not that I’m having a bad time of things. Just in a bit of a rutt, or funk I think.

I seem to be procrastination more than usual and have lost my sewing ‘mojo’.
I was half way thru writing a whinge but then thought, “It wont help anything and will only make me feel bad” so I will instead post an inspirational picture from the wisest being I know of 😉 “


I wrote the above in early November … I have been so very slack with my posts! So sorry! {Not about Yoda – Yoda is good, Yoda is wise! He actually says this quote for my message alert on my phone! haha}.
I don’t know how I am ever going to become the most successful blogger in the world if I don’t actually blog! {Kidding, I have no such aspirations! If just one or two friends read this I will feel totally privileged! 😀 Anyone more is a bonus!}

Truth is, I was in a *total* funk back then!

I was going thru a transfer at work, taking on more work in my petminding and other endeavours and to be honest,
I just felt like I had no time to myself! My introverted self can sometimes come to the forefront and I can become claustrophobic and all peopled-out ….. I have also since then regained my sewing Mojo and we are firing ahead! Yaay!

This is the ‘inspirational’ picture I now need to live by :


haha seems apt – I need to just DO for a change 🙂

I have mentioned I think, that I joined my very first Quilting Bee!! For our October Queen Bee we made Granny Squares!
Here are the ones I made her that I mentioned in my last post, oh-so-very-long-ago! :


I was Queen Bee for November!! Squeeeeee!!
THIS is the amazing fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful, far-exceeds-my-expectations result :

Kate's Bee Block!

Mine is the top left block and the other 11 were sent from 11 very talented ladies from all over Australia!!

Gorgeous isn’t it?!!!! I adore it! I intend on making another 8 to make an extra later top and side which will take it to about single bed sized! AND!!! When I say I intend to – I have already started!!! HA HA – See = My mojo’s BACK lovely’s!!!

Have a fantabulous Thursday – Who can smell the weekend?