A Finished Top!

Hey y’all 🙂

As you might remember, I participated in Ms Midge‘s Heather Bailey Charm Swap and subsequent Charm Along recently?
{While you check out Ms Midge’s page, why not join in the Aussie Aurifil Club?? Those threads are simply gorgeous! ❤ }

HB CA Ms MidgeLook at all of the pretties we swapped!!

Well, I was sewing like a demon to finish in time for the deadline {linked at 11.45 for the 12.00 deadline! haha} And this is the result :

HB Charm Along finishedWonky Stars!! Can you see the secondary white wonky pinwheels?
I am working tomorrow, but planning on whipping up a quick backing on Sunday and quilt it next week some time.

I love it, but kinda wish the stars and pinwheels both stood out more … So I think I might try this one again down the track but use deeper colours and stars all in one colour and see how that turns out 🙂

I still haven’t used my precious Amy Butler Charm Along squares yet!!! I MUST get onto using them soon …

Anyhow, this one was meant to be a shorty – see you with a finish next week hopefully!

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“Kate’s Top 5” #3 – It’ll warm your heart

It’s winter here and the cold {and being sick for the last 3 weeks} has got me digging deeeep into the memory banks for warmer thoughts. So I have been thinking … Beaches !!

Here is a list of my own Top 5 Beaches { … that I have actually visited 😉 }

#1 – Far and away my favourite – Cottesloe Beach, WA.
Beautiful, hey? 🙂 This isn’t my pic. All of mine are buried deep in an old external HD which I don’t have nearby right now …
Having lived in Qld almost my whole life I thought we had the corner on beaches. But hubby took me to his home state a decade ago and I fell in LOVE with the majestic Indian Ocean and her surrounding white-sanded beaches! We went to many, many beaches over there and all of them are spectacular! It’s been too long since we’ve been back, might have to plan something there for next year 🙂
If you’ve never been, you should put it on your bucket list now!

#2 – Coolangatta Beach, The Gold Coast, Qld
Beach Coolangatta 1IMG_3876I like most of the Gold Coast beaches, but Coolangatta is my favourite. Despite nearly drowning there 19 years ago! The sand is fine and crunchy and sounds musical when you walk on it. I’ve had a ball each time I’ve been there 🙂 The first pic was taken almost exactly a year ago and is looking back towards the Surfers Paradise from Coolangatta. The next one was 5 mins later looking straight out. So pretty!

#3 – 4 Mile Beach, Port Douglas Qld.
Gorgeous! Been here quite a few times and it’s always pristine 🙂

#4 – Yejele Beach, Mare, New Caledonia.
One of our stops on our cruise last year was Yejele Beach on Mare, and it was just gorgeous! White sand, turquoise ocean, and blazing sun! Loved it there 🙂

#5 – Saunders Beach, Qld. Just up the road 😉
Beach SaundersThis beach is 15 minutes up the road and I often walk here with a friend. It’s gorgeous!

Honourable mention – Kuta Beach!
I know, I know! Kuta isn’t the prettiest beach, sometimes I’ve heard it can be downright grubby! It was lovely when we were there tho, so I can’t speak to that.
I included it as an honourable mention because I bungee’d here and the view is gorgeous!!! 😀

Do all of those gorgeous beach piccys warm you up?
Have a great week!

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Kate’s Top 5 ~ Tips And Tricks

I quite enjoyed my Top 5 from a couple of weeks ago so will keep them going as long as I can think up good ones … This one was suggested by {another awesome} Kate who blogs over at talltalesfromchiconia! Head on over and check her blog out, it’s a great read!

So. My Top 5 Tips & Tricks … Where to begin? I am by no means an expert quilter but I thought since Kate suggested it, I’d share a couple of tips that have made my sewing life easier. Hope they help you too 🙂

#1. LEADERS & ENDERS! If you’ve read my blog in the last few months you might recognise my absolute favourite tip!! After making a quilt I would end up with a pile of wasted thread … Now instead I have these!
Leaders n EndersI always have a bowl of scraps cut into 2.5″ squares sitting beside me and slip a pair thru at the end of each chain. It’s like you’re making a bonus quilt without any real effort 😉 I chain stitch wherever possible. Chain stitching is putting thru multiple blocks without stopping resulting in a chain of goodies that you then press all at once too! These chains are from when I made “Kate’s Kate” :
IMG_4227 (2)I sew them into strips of 7 and then into blocks like this :

#2 Measure twice, cut once. An oldie, but a goodie. Tips like these are long-lived because they are always relevant. I have lost count of the times I’ve saved myself juuust in the nick of time because I double checked before I cut. Mis cuts are the one of the easiest ways to waste fabric. And I don’t like wasting my pretties!
This tip also works when I’m playing with timber and furniture!

#3 PRESS. Press, press, press. Do not iron!
There are heaps of debates out there on whether to press to the side or press open. Personally I prefer to press to the dark side, but try both ways and go with what works for you.
My main tip here tho is PRESS – DO NOT IRON! Set your seam by pressing it, then open your seam in whichever direction you prefer and press 🙂

#4 Know your feet and use the correct one for the job. This one’s pretty self explanatory. Your machine comes with a wide variety of feet. They should all be explained in your machine’s manual.
FeetI mainly use my standard foot for piecing {not a fan of my 1/4″ foot, tho some people swear by them.} My machine came with a walking foot for quilting without slips or puckers, but you can pick one up at your local quilting store if yours didn’t. A guide bar is handy if you find one that comes with that too. I also bought a FMQ or Darning foot for my machine. And those are the 3 I use mostly. Because I also sometimes stitch clothing I also use a button-hole foot, hemming foot and zipper foot. {Not a fan of zippers tho so seldom use this one heehee}
If you’re not familiar with all of your machine’s feet, go find your manual and have a read … Better yet, grab some scraps and have a play with them! 🙂

#5 Look after your machine. I’m not sure if maybe I clean mine too much, but I give my bobbin case a quick dust with a soft brush every time I change the bobbin {unless I am in the middle of quilting a piece} and full clean after each project. They are also serviced yearly. Trust me, your machine will thank you!
Actually, I will add a little extra note here = Please change your needle regularly! Your machine will thank you, your fabric will thank you ❤

Bonus Tip – Give it a go! Whatever it is, most ‘mistakes’ are fixable so try it. You don’t know what you can and can’t do until you try, and I learn alot by trial and error! Your seam ripper can become your best friend and you may get frustrated, but it’s such a good way to get a feel for things! And you may surprise yourself and get it right straight up – imagine how great that will feel!

Well, I’m all worded out, so catch you next time! 🙂

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Oh Dear …

… No sewing happening for me this past week! 😦

We are visiting my Mum and extended family {Yayy! 😀 } so I left all sewing paraphernalia at home. I had intended on doing some of my TAFE course while I was here, but in true Manic-Mumdays-Family-Holdiday-Style, most of us got sick so no studying was done.

My little man is even sicker with tonsilitis to boot 😦 I hate seeing the babies unwell!
We have only a couple of days left here – it went so quick! But we’ll be glad to be home and back to our routine.
….. And sewing 😉 heehee We even missed our movie date with my sister and her babies 😦 We will have to find the time to go next week. Only one week of school holidays left :-/
I LOVE school holidays!! Do you?

I will leave you with a sneek peek of the project I will finish and share when I get home.IMG_6566It’s using the Ms Midge Charm-Along using the gorgeous Heather Bailey Charms we swapped recently! Can you see the wonky stars or the wonky, white pin wheel first? 🙂HB CA Ms MidgeThere is a new Charm Swap happening right now – Cotton + Steel:cotton steel charm alongWhich I am not participating in. I am pretty sure it’s full now tho. I’m not really on the C+S bandwagon, not many of their fabrics appeal to me. Tho I really love their selvages! Weird, right? 😀 One day some might find its way into my stash …
Well, I will be back next week to share my finish! Keep safe 🙂

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