Short and Sweet

Today was my work Tuesday, so no sewing to share …. But have you ever heard of Wordle?

I’ve only played 3 times cos I keep forgetting 😱 Today I got the hang of it! I lost one because I didn’t realise you could repeat letters *doh! It’s fun tho. You should check it out, they only release one game per day ☺️

Feel free to share them in the comments if you try it 💕 ~ Kate xo


4 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. Never tried it! I think I’d need to see someone else do one so i could get the hang of it. I suppose it’s just logic, and I can do Sudokus, so maybe I’d get along with it.

    • It’s really fun, kinda reminds me of the old game “Mastermind” with words. I’ve only played half a dozen times or so, and lost the first one as I didn’t know we could use letters twice 😩 live and learn! Just type “Wordle” into Google or similar search and it should come up ☺️

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