I dislike being sick with a passion …

… but then is there really anyone in the world who actually likes it??

I have been feeling like crap for a couple of weeks really and now have a lingering cough and blocked ears. My voice is only just getting understandable. I made my first phone call in a week today!

We lost hubby’s beautiful Mum last Saturday after a long illness and I had the week off work in case he felt the need to go over there. He didn’t. Even though we knew it was coming, it was a devastating blow to the family. It still feels like it hasn’t really happened. And even tho its easy, true and very comforting knowing that she is at peace and isn’t in pain anymore, the selfish part of me wants her here with us.

I don’t tolerate the “H” word in our home. But for cancer, I will make an exception …

I HATE Cancer.

Too many of us are touched by it and it scares the living shit out of me!

Cancer makes me like my lingering cough and puts a whole lot into perspective hey?

I hope we are never again touched by cancer.

I hope you are never touched by cancer.

I hope with all my being they find a cure for this dreadful disease. And soon.

Carole with us in Darwin in 2007. Harrison was 16mths old and we had no notion of our little Ryan yet πŸ™‚

RIP Carole, you will forever be in our hearts xox


Could you …?

Do you have a favourite child?

I read, and then saw on the news, that a Canadian DJ, blogger and father, Buzz Bishop, posted on his blog that his eldest son was more like him and therefore his favourite. He says he doesn’t love them differently, just ‘likes’ one more : β€œI admit it, my oldest son is my favourite because he can do more things. To me, he’s more fun. I don’t love either of my sons any more than the other, but I do like them differently. I’d be willing to bet you’re the same.”

This kind of stuff blows my freaking mind! I have 2 sons and I could not imagine liking or loving one more than the other.

Is it a man thing?
Before I get smacked, (tho I know no men read my blog haha) this is a real question. I ask it because about 2 weeks after we had our number 2 baby boy, I was holding him as he drifted off to sleep and hubby dumbfounded me by saying “They’re very different aren’t they? Which one do you think is cuter?” Ummmmmm!!!! “Say whaaaat …? They are both THE most beautiful child in the world! And if you ever ask me a question like that again I won’t be responsible for what may happen!”

I’m not a naive person. I realise we all have traits we are attracted to and things we don’t like in others.
But I seriously could not choose which of my two beautiful, intelligent, creative, imaginative, boisterous, cheeky babies I like or love more. Even if I had a gun to my head. I just couldn’t.
Could you …?

It takes me back a few years to an episode of Oprah (God how I MISS Oprah!!!) when an American woman was under fire for admitting she loved her husband more than her children. Again, for me this is a no-brainer. I love my husband, but I love my babies more. It could be because they are little and need me more, or it just could be because they came out of me and will forever be a part of me. πŸ˜‰ At the same time tho, I know and understand that he loves them more than he loves me too. I am totally fine with that.

Hobby? Or a way of life?

I love to sew. I love to quilt. (I also love other crafts, driving, reading, movies, and sleeping. But they’re for another post! πŸ˜‰ )

So far I have only made half a dozen “Raggy Quilts”. Like this, “Rani’s Bella Butterfly” :

At the moment I have a special project on my cutting table that my own boys have been soooo patiently waiting for. Matching Raggy Quilts for their new bunk beds! I also have a couple of lengths of Bunting to make. I am all the while planning new projects. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some gorgeous fabrics from my favourite US supplier, Hawthorne Threads. This is them :

Image result for timeless treasures modern kitchen

Crisp and fresh aren’t they!? I am going to make a place mat and table centre mat set for me. I am also going to attempt my first free-motion quilting on them. Wish me luck – I will need it!! haha

Continuing along on my bucket list, in the very near future I’d love to try a “Crazy Quilt” They are an awesome way to use up all your stash of scraps. (I love using scraps and small piece quilts) I may even make a cushion for each of my boy’s beds out of the scraps of the quilts I am making. This is an example of a Crazy Quilt block :

And next on my list is to try a “Jelly Roll Race Quilt” like this from MODA Bakeshop :

I learnt all about these from The Missouri Star Quilt Co. They also have heaps of free tutes on YouTube on heaps of different quilt related stuff. Check them out, they rock!
I also discovered the next item on my bucket list from them!
The “Spider Web Quilt” like the next picture (the amazing Jenny Doan from MSQC!) But I might use black for the ‘star’ shape between the webs and jewel tones for the webs:

I also have a couple of far, far away in the realllllly distant future bucket list entries. The first it the “Drunkard’s Path Quilt”. The next is one of the hardest to get right quilts, the Bargello, or as I prefer, the “Twisted Bargello” and the “Intricate Bargello”

Hmmmmm ….. one day a long time in the future I think. When I have a HEAP more experience! This is my quilt bucket list (I have others). Do you have a bucket list? Are you working your way thru it? Happy Friday everyone!! xo

Dreams and Wonderlust

I dream of travel!
I do! I want to go everywhere!!! When I was at school I changed my mind on “What I wanted to be” every few months cos the only thing I ever really wanted to do was see the world. If only I had known back then that it would have been easier to do if I had studied harder to snag a well-paying job! πŸ˜€

Now that I have my boys, I dream of taking them to awesome destinations. The US is my latest dream holiday with them. The seed was planted when Harrison discovered there was a “Lego Land”! Almost at the same time my friend posted a link to THE.MOST.AWESOME. cruise I’ve ever seen. So it began … And where else, but Pintrest? :

Lego Land
Disneyworld Florida
The Grand Canyon
(I wonder if I’ll be game enough for the glass walkway out over the Canyon!! haha)

Las Vegas

Hollywood – As the pic says πŸ˜‰

San Francisco

And, my most coveted location to visit in the US :


It’s also not as expensive as I had thought either. I was amazed at some of the flight deals that are out there!

I’ve always said I’d like to spend my 40th in New York, so I guess time will tell … Short term holidays tho, I think this is where we will head :


Where is your dream destination? Are you taking an exciting holiday soon?

Mainc Gardeners

Hi everyone! We’re having a spectacular day here in Townsville today so my little man and I spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning. We spread cow poo, planted seedlings and seeds and mulched. This is our first year growing our own fruit and vegies and I am loving it!
Below is a pic of our newly planted snow pea seedlings and at the back of the bed are flourishing zucchinis planted as seeds a couple of weeks ago. Older tomato plants and frangipanni tree in the background πŸ™‚ We are getting about a dozen tomatoes from those older bushes each week. And they are the sweetest juiciest tomatoes you’ll find! yum!

In this pic are newly planted tomatoes and chilli plants. And an old chilli plant that’s still kickin’ on. In the foreground we have tomato, lettuce, chilli and capsicum seeds planted in old egg cartons. The box has flowers in it to be planted in the front garden this afternoon and my most exciting purchase from yesterday – a RASPBERRY tree!!!! YAYYY I love, love, LOVE raspberries but they are too expensive to buy too often so here’s hoping for bucket loads of our own raspberries πŸ˜€

If we get the flowers done today I’ll post some pics of them tomorrow πŸ™‚

What do you grow in your gardens?

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog! A little about me?
My name’s Kate, I’m a “Stay at home Mum” who happens to work nights, sews, and is trying to get a pet-minding business off the ground. My 2 boys are my world and I love them to death. I know most Mums say that tho …

My posts will be about (but not limited to πŸ˜‰ ) the following: My amazing boys; my Crazy Family; Sewing; Quilts; my pet-minding gig, “Two Little Rascals Pet Minding” [cue shameless plug heehee] ; Books; Friends and anything else that might tickle my fancy.

Sometimes I will rant, sometimes rave. Sometimes I’ll be long-winded and on a soap box, others I will be blunt and straight to the point. At times I’ll be a rough-nut and swear (oops, but fair warning to get out now if you don’t like it haha), and other times I’ll be soft and gentle. I do promise to always be honest and I would love, love, LOVE your involvement and welcome comments!

And, like today, sometimes I obviously just like to ramble! haha So, jump on and join in my Manic Mumdays! Kate xo