Hobby? Or a way of life?

I love to sew. I love to quilt. (I also love other crafts, driving, reading, movies, and sleeping. But they’re for another post! 😉 )

So far I have only made half a dozen “Raggy Quilts”. Like this, “Rani’s Bella Butterfly” :

At the moment I have a special project on my cutting table that my own boys have been soooo patiently waiting for. Matching Raggy Quilts for their new bunk beds! I also have a couple of lengths of Bunting to make. I am all the while planning new projects. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some gorgeous fabrics from my favourite US supplier, Hawthorne Threads. This is them :

Image result for timeless treasures modern kitchen

Crisp and fresh aren’t they!? I am going to make a place mat and table centre mat set for me. I am also going to attempt my first free-motion quilting on them. Wish me luck – I will need it!! haha

Continuing along on my bucket list, in the very near future I’d love to try a “Crazy Quilt” They are an awesome way to use up all your stash of scraps. (I love using scraps and small piece quilts) I may even make a cushion for each of my boy’s beds out of the scraps of the quilts I am making. This is an example of a Crazy Quilt block :

And next on my list is to try a “Jelly Roll Race Quilt” like this from MODA Bakeshop :

I learnt all about these from The Missouri Star Quilt Co. They also have heaps of free tutes on YouTube on heaps of different quilt related stuff. Check them out, they rock!
I also discovered the next item on my bucket list from them!
The “Spider Web Quilt” like the next picture (the amazing Jenny Doan from MSQC!) But I might use black for the ‘star’ shape between the webs and jewel tones for the webs:

I also have a couple of far, far away in the realllllly distant future bucket list entries. The first it the “Drunkard’s Path Quilt”. The next is one of the hardest to get right quilts, the Bargello, or as I prefer, the “Twisted Bargello” and the “Intricate Bargello”

Hmmmmm ….. one day a long time in the future I think. When I have a HEAP more experience! This is my quilt bucket list (I have others). Do you have a bucket list? Are you working your way thru it? Happy Friday everyone!! xo


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