Kate’s Top 5 – My Favourite Authors

Everyone knows I love sewing and doing up furniture.
But you might not know – reading was my first love!

This is sooooo me! :
I have been squeezing in a little reading time for a change in lately. And I have to tell you – it feels good to be back to it!
I have almost a whole shelf on my bookcase dedicated to unread books and I have promised myself to clear it before the end of 2015! Wish me luck 🙂

Okay! My Top 5 favourite Authors!

#5 – James Patterson.
He’s been round for a while and I have been reading him for most of my adult life. Some people say a lot of his books are alike. I can kinda see that  – the main reason I read his is because of the main character of one of his series – Alex Cross. {They’ve made a few movies from Cross books} I’ve been reading along since the start and want to read til ‘the end’ … He is a prolific writer and has a couple of regular series {The Women’s Murder Club is one and a TV series was made of it} … as well as a heap of stand alone. He also takes new authors under his wing and co-writes with them. What a brilliant opportunity that must be for them!
I also like that his chapters are mostly often short, only a couple of pages and I can easily squeeze a little in here and there!
MM Books#4 – Diana Gabaldon.
Diana wrote the Outlander series which have now been made into a TV series. I read them quite a few years ago now and really enjoyed them! They are a little fantasy, a little drama/thriller, and a little romance. What more could a girl ask for? Totally worth a read! I love the TV series too! It’s a fantastic adaption, and I don’t usually like books I love being adapted for film/TV!
For the record, I am Team Jamie allll the way! 😉

#3 – Harlan Coben.
Another thriller writer. I love this Author! He is the king of the twist! My only gripe with him is that he doesn’t write fast enough!! haha
MM harlan Coben

#2 – Stieg Larsson.
Technically, Stieg only published 3 novels. But they are up there with the very best books I have ever read. Ever! They of course are the Millennium Trilogy – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. These novels were published posthumously – Sadly, Stieg died in 2004 and left the 3 completed novels. He also left 3/4 of a 4th book in the series {it’s believed he intended to write 10} has been finished by another Swedish author, David Lagercrantz, and due to be published this year! On the 10th anniversary of the first.
Needless to say I am excited to get my hands on that soon!! Some say Stieg may have left behind synopses for a 5th and 6th novel in the series so perhaps we may even see more … I wish he had been around to see the success of his great books! {And to finish the rest 🙂 }
MM SLIf you’ve never read them I totally recommend you do! 🙂

#1 Tess Gerritsen.
Tess is pretty much my favourite author! I haven’t read a book of hers I didn’t love. She created the characters Rizzoli and Isles from the TV series of the same name. And while I enjoy the series I don’t think of it as Tess Gerritsen’s because there are too many differences! And the characters don’t look anything like described in the book so I disassociate them from each other and manage enjoy the series lol
MM TGLike my cute dolly Mercedes sitting there with all my Tess Gerritsen books? 🙂

Honorable mention!
I adore the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling! She is a fantastic writer and I re-read Harry Potter every year or so! They are just that good!
MM HPI always get a bit of a kick when I see these distinctive spines on bookcases elsewhere, or on tv or pictures in magazines. They stand out like the proverbial lol

What are you reading right now?
I am reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. It’s the long-awaited sequel to The Shining, another of my favourite books. It’s grabbed me pretty quick and I am powering thru it.

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