So, every year or so I start a new Leader and Ender project … this year I was going to do Bonnie Hunter’s Shoo Fly that she did a while back. But Mum reminded me to watch Missouri Star Quilt Co’s latest video and – wow!!

Bonnie Hunter’s 2019 Leader and Ender challenge. You can find her at (Or click on the pic!)

The gorgeous Jenny Doan is the matriarch of this family run business, and I have been subscribing to and watching her you tube tutorial videos for years!

In the last year or two she has been doing a monthly “Triple Play” video with her daughters Natalie and Misty. This month they did a Crumb quilt each! Jenny made a crumb quilt from 10’ blocks with piano keys border; Natalie made a Carpenters Square from 5” blocks; and Misty made an Orange Peel quilt. They were all gorgeous!

The Missouri Star Quily Co girls. You can find them at (or click on the pic)

After watching the tutorials I decided I would smash my scraps and make a Crumb quilt as my 2022 Leader and Ender! I will do a Jenny’s style – for now, who knows where this might end up 😆

Can. Not. Wait! to share some pics!

And never fear, I think I will make some Shoo Fly blocks along the way too! 😍

💕Kate xo


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