Mainc Gardeners

Hi everyone! We’re having a spectacular day here in Townsville today so my little man and I spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning. We spread cow poo, planted seedlings and seeds and mulched. This is our first year growing our own fruit and vegies and I am loving it!
Below is a pic of our newly planted snow pea seedlings and at the back of the bed are flourishing zucchinis planted as seeds a couple of weeks ago. Older tomato plants and frangipanni tree in the background 🙂 We are getting about a dozen tomatoes from those older bushes each week. And they are the sweetest juiciest tomatoes you’ll find! yum!

In this pic are newly planted tomatoes and chilli plants. And an old chilli plant that’s still kickin’ on. In the foreground we have tomato, lettuce, chilli and capsicum seeds planted in old egg cartons. The box has flowers in it to be planted in the front garden this afternoon and my most exciting purchase from yesterday – a RASPBERRY tree!!!! YAYYY I love, love, LOVE raspberries but they are too expensive to buy too often so here’s hoping for bucket loads of our own raspberries 😀

If we get the flowers done today I’ll post some pics of them tomorrow 🙂

What do you grow in your gardens?


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