I dislike being sick with a passion …

… but then is there really anyone in the world who actually likes it??

I have been feeling like crap for a couple of weeks really and now have a lingering cough and blocked ears. My voice is only just getting understandable. I made my first phone call in a week today!

We lost hubby’s beautiful Mum last Saturday after a long illness and I had the week off work in case he felt the need to go over there. He didn’t. Even though we knew it was coming, it was a devastating blow to the family. It still feels like it hasn’t really happened. And even tho its easy, true and very comforting knowing that she is at peace and isn’t in pain anymore, the selfish part of me wants her here with us.

I don’t tolerate the “H” word in our home. But for cancer, I will make an exception …

I HATE Cancer.

Too many of us are touched by it and it scares the living shit out of me!

Cancer makes me like my lingering cough and puts a whole lot into perspective hey?

I hope we are never again touched by cancer.

I hope you are never touched by cancer.

I hope with all my being they find a cure for this dreadful disease. And soon.

Carole with us in Darwin in 2007. Harrison was 16mths old and we had no notion of our little Ryan yet 🙂

RIP Carole, you will forever be in our hearts xox


2 thoughts on “I dislike being sick with a passion …

  1. I have seen the effects of this dreadful disease on both patients and their families. It truely is cruel. As a nurse, palliative care is a heartbreaking field, however having the privilidge of being a part of people’s lives in such an intimate way is very rewarding. It is satisfying knowing that we as Nurse’s have the capability to help the transition from this life to the next a peaceful one.

    • Bettina, It takes my breath away how amazing you nurses are!! I know I could never follow such a challenging career path. The compassion, comfort and dignity shown is always appreciated, you can be sure. Thank you xoxox

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