This year I am going to use what ever title comes to mind first, when I am shaping a post in my head. I was thinking of writing a post condensing what I had created last year. Yes, one post will do it. I don’t feel like I achieved much in 2021 besides keeping my head – and my family’s heads – above water. So one post will definitely do it! We were effectively on a treadmill.

I was even going to mention a long weekend away, but realised even that happened the year before! 15 months ago in fact. I guess no one is travelling tho, hey.

So I’ll just leave a couple of photos for now and be done with the last year or two for today ☺️

We stayed by the beach 💙
Visited an old castle! Paronella Park
Huge trees! I don’t remember what they are, it was 15mths ago after all haha
We saw a million road signs cautioning drivers that these guys were everywhere and only saw one Cassowary!! On our very last day – driving home if you can believe that! 😆😆

OK. That’s all I have today. I’m off to disconnect 😉 Kate xo


One thought on “Treadmill

  1. I guess when you live in the part of the world we do, our everyday landscape would seem like a holiday to most people. But it’s different when you live and work there, isn’t it? I hope you’ll be able to make the trip south you’re hoping for, and that there’ll be a chance to catch up with us on the way through.

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