Another Project …

… done and dusted!

I found this cute little bedside table on a sell/swap/buy page a couple of years ago:

5B8D6D60-20D6-4710-8C04-F7950DE8596EI’ve been using it as is waiting for some colour inspiration. I considered a pretty metallic or a bright purple, but never felt it in my bones. Until I moved a chest of drawers into the same room. I had a clear vision of what I want to do with that piece from the start so I decided to kinda match this to it! Here she is all finished :


I am a little bit in love with it! I feel all goofy-smiley when I look at it! I used Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Charcoal and waxed over the paint. Here’s a close up of the handle which has screws behind but doesn’t come off 🤔 so I had to tape well and paint it while attached.

Can you see the tiny scratch on the top left? I did that with a fingernail while waxing it 😩 I will fix it another time. For the handle I used Dulux Duramax Spray Paint in Rose Gold.

I also used my favourite Edge Lock Blue Tape to tape the sides of the drawer cos they have these awesome hand cut dove tail joints! It would have been a shame to paint over them.


And I left what might be my favourite thing til last … check this out!!


How pretty are they? 😍 Rightio, I’m off to feed the masses, I’ll won’t share the chest of drawers project for a few weeks as we have visitors coming soon and I don’t want to chance them not being done as back in the spare room 😁

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3 thoughts on “Another Project …

  1. I absolutely love that grey, it has a purplish tint, almost like blackberries and cream. And how clever to restore that beautiful handle so carefully and perfectly.

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