Not a Quilt …

… but a finish all the same ☺️

I scored this gorgeous barn chair from a crafty acquaintance having a sell out a few years ago. It has had a couple of spaces in our home and recently got handed down to my youngest son who requested a colour change.


I think that was a fair request, it had become a lot chippier since I bought it. I knew red was going to be a challenge to cover so I primed first. The test spot bled thru the primer big time! So I invested a few more hours sanding time and used a tinted undercoat primer to block any remaining red.


I was actually really in love with this grey! But Master 9 could not be swayed … He chose a lighter, and more green colour than what it ended being, but it looked a bit insipid with the blonde seat pad so we chose a deeper shade with a bit more blue. For anyone interested, it’s called Dulux “Zuni”


We all agree this is a much better colour! In fact, Master 9 is in love :


Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

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