“But it’s a talking DOG!”

Watched ‘Up” last night for the first time!

Why have I never seen it before? It’s a delightful little movie! I wish we had talking dogs!
I love the Doberman’s chipmunk voice haha … I also love how there are bits in all the kids movies these days for adults to laugh at {for different reasons than the kids are laughing 😉 }

I am almost done watching Breaking Bad!

It ran for 5 seasons and I never watched even a second of it. Then I saw a snippet one day and wondered why I had never jumped on the bandwagon. Literally the next day I saw that Foxtel was re-running it daily from the very beginning! So I set my timer and have been watching it since. There are 3 episodes left. Waaahhh!

I was on Walter’s side for the first couple of seasons but then he just started to piss me off with his narcissistic, psychopathic arrogance! The main 2 actors both play fantastic roles, but Jesse is the more sympathetic character in my opinion. He has a heart and some kind of conscience. Walt – not so much! It was a fab cast tho and I have really enjoyed it! Not my usual viewing at all.

I kinda seem to either be the first to see or read something or the dead last! haha I have only in the last couple of months started watching Game of Thrones as well! Again, not my usual viewing but I am persevering as everyone raves over it. {Foxtel has it on mid-season break}

Everyone lusts after Jon Snow but I prefer his daddy 😉

Anyhooo … I have much to do today, so will catch you next time!

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