I’m Sick of Food

I am sick to my back teeth of food! I’m sick of thinking about food. I’m sick of preparing food. I’m sick of thinking up something for dinner each night. I hate that it’s usually meat and 3 veg or meat and salad.

Since we had the kids we have a rotation of about 12 meals that they will eat without losing their shit too much argument {most of the time}.
These include sausages, chicken schnitzel, rissoles, shepherds pie, fish fingers or homemade pastry pies all with veg or salad. As well as vegie pasta bake, spag bol, tacos, lasagna … Hmm. It’s worse than I thought – 10 meals – freaking TEN!!!

It’s not just dinner. Master 8 has almost the exact same lunch every day. I can’t tempt him to change and if I try to surprise him into eating something new or different by popping it in his lunchbox, he will just not eat …

I made a beautiful lamb rolled roast the other night with a delicious salad. They sat there moping for an hour and then complained they were hungry! Grrrr!! One of Hubby and I’s favourite meals is corned beef and baked veg with yummy white sauce.
… It’s like I am feeding the kids poison!
And don’t even get me started on their reaction to a gorgeous stir fry!! Ugh!

Mr Manic and I used to eat so well!! I was vegetarian when we met but started eating meat again when I fell pregnant. I keep meaning to go back to vego but it’s just too hard with the way the kids are – I’d be making 2 meals each night or eating a plate of veg or salad … And did I mention how SICK I am of preparing even one meal per night? haha

Add to all of this the fact I am on a new diet. Again.
It’s an anti-diet kinda diet. I feel like I have been on a rollercoaster of regimented diets since I gave birth to my first baby.
Go on a diet, lose weight, go off the diet, put weight back on {sometimes even more than you lost in the first place!!}. Repeat.
Time to hop off the rollercoaster and just start making better choices.
Everything in moderation. Make the healthier choice. I am committed to eating whole foods as often as possible, and am hoping by changing my thinking and actions it will become a lifestyle change. One I can stick to and still live!

What’s the craziest or worst diet you’ve ever been on?
Do you have trouble getting your kids to be more adventurous with their eating?

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