Mid Week Rambling

That’s right – HAPPY HUMP DAY everyone!
Not that I know why I’m excited – I work Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue this weekend … so it’s kinda like a long weekend in reverse or an anti-long-weekend! lol

Oh well … I don’t mind cos I must admit, I am absolutely loving my job right now! I spoke to my boss the other day and she has okayed me holding a DIY class on make-your-own Chalk Paint! Yaay! Very excited 🙂 And next week I am going to try making my own Milk Paint! If only finding powder pigments weren’t so hard! Do any of you know where I can find some that won’t cost an arm and a leg??

Not much is happening on the sewing front for me right now.
This might be hard to believe, but I have been sewing for the last year or two on a Blow Mould, fold out table in our living room! haha
Anyhow, I lent our 2 fold out tables to a friend last week and I took it as an opportunity for a clean up.
The same day I found this amazing wooden table/desk on Gumtree!!

IMG_4393 (2)

It’s on castors and needs a bit of a tidy up, you might be able to see I’ve already started to sand the drawers? One needed a little repair too and I put them back in to take a quick pic … The yellow/orange varnish has to go!
This baby is super sturdy tho! And she fits my cutting mat well. Exactly what I was looking for!
I will at last be able to sew above medium speed without the table shaking and supplies falling off from the vibrations! 😀
Hopefully I will get the make over done including a quick wax today, and get her in and being used by tomorrow!

And not before time either! I’m running late on August’s Bee block! :-/ September’s is up already and I hope to get them both done before Friday … Speaking of Friday – It’s my little man’s birthday!! I can’t believe he will be 5 already!! He has requested a Minecraft cake and I was pushing for Creeper. He has narrowed it down to Enderman. *phew*! Of alllll the possible Minecraft cakes, this would have to be the easiest!

I am starting a detox tomorrow. Not sure what to expect, but I am going to be very strict and stick to it all. Even the nil-caffine rule! :-/ Not sure how that one will go! lol Wish me luck!

Check out this fun Quilt Block quiz! I found it over at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. blog, Cutting Table. You can take it by clicking the pic :

which quilt block

Sew, which Quilt Block are you? I’d love it if you left me a comment to let me know!
I got ‘Flying Geese’ which is interesting since I have never made a flying geese block. Like ever! haha
Might have to add something with them to my to-do list …

Well … that’s all I have for today. Will try to squeeze a quick update in early next week – Cya then!

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