I played FMS’s August-Photo-A-Day!

I have played along Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day alot in the last couple of years.
This time I thought I’d share it with y’all!

August 2014 Photo A Day

Before I share my own pics, I want to share something even cooler with you :
Did you know Chantelle from FMS has recently developed and released a FABULOUS new app?
It’s called Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim and you can find it in the App Store HERE.
It’s cute and fun and best of all, if you play along with FMS’s Photo A Day you get sent a reminder and can add it right there! No mucking around or downloading/uploading/freeloading/or even plain old loading!
The app has some lovely filters, captions and stickers and there’s an option to add your own text as well. My favourite filters are ‘Glow’ and ‘Beachy’ but there’s a filter for every moment 🙂 Here’s how it went down in the August Photo A Day for me :

1. Landscape – “I love that even living so close to the beach we still have a gorgeous Aussie bush landscape to enjoy 🙂 ”
2. Lunch – at work, drinking some crap softdrink, not eating. And totally regretting transferring from my old store 😦 {I later settled in and now adore being back at my current store and in my new dept. }
3. S is for… Sunday Sewing Sesh *bliss*
IMG_4227 (2)
4. In the middle – yummyness in the middle
4 in the middle
5. Pile – pile of damn folding to do!  :-/ least the ironing pile behind it is nearly empty …
5 pile
6. Grateful for… family, health and walks on the beach 🙂
6 grateful
7. Spot – my usual Thursday coffee spot while my lil man has his swimming lesson = bliss!
7 spot
8. Pet peeve – The new rolls are right there – why can’t anyone else in the house work out how to put one on????
9. Mix – cupcakes for class party tomorrow 🙂

10. Art – on the water tank 🙂
11. Mirror – My big man in the rear-view mirror
11 mirror
12. Gather – the seagulls gather in this exact spot every morning! They are always here 🙂
13. Inside – a huge box + air bags and peanuts … What’s inside? 2 tiny bottles of pigment!
14. Give
15. Clouds – some serious around clouds today … That’s a large island peeking outa the clouds there!
16. Clean – the streets always seem so fresh and clean after rain 🙂
17. Dinner – Can I share your dinner please? 🙂
18. Arrow

19. To-do – I would be lost without my diary full of to-do’s!
20. Before bedtime – Today’s project … Hope to finish first coat ‘Before bedtime’
21. Decorate – this prize pack has just landed on my doorstep …. It will definitely help me to decorate!!!
22. Words – on my boy’s bedroom wall
23. Style – My style is comfy pj’s! haha

24. Fragrant – I love my fragrant candles!
25. Mailhe picture on the envelope is more interesting than the mail itself!
26. Breakfast – vegemite toast n coffee … What could be better?
27. Dull – some might say it’s dull … But I adore sea glass and Ryan and I add to my collection every time we hit the beach
28. Travel – yes please!!
29. Dessert – My little man is 5 today!!! So dessert is cake!
30. Nearby – They’re nearby!
31. 10amWas at work doing all these steps phone died round 3 so I only got this recorded. Reckon I would have made my 10,000 too – my feet are aching! Lol

Well … that’s my Photo A day for August! Did you play along?

If you want to play along for September, here is the list!

 September 2014 Photo A Day
If you are keen, feel free to tag me when you share in instagram and I will check them out! 🙂
My insta is @twolittlerascals

Have a wonderful September! 😀

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