Weird Approach?

I have been reading up ALOT on quilting. So far, I’ve only made Raggy Quilts. But I plan on expanding my horizons this year.

Looking at what I’ve read, it seems the ‘norm’ is to start and keep working on a quilt ’til its done.
But then I seem to see a lot of work in progress and unfinished projects in my reading travels – Where a quilter has run out of time or motivation or even interest in a project and packed it away to finish {sometimes years} later.

So, here is the reason for my title …

I am PLANNING on approaching it in this fashion. I sew things other than quilts and don’t want to have to pack something huge or half-finished away to sew clothing. I am sorting thru my fabric this week and when I re-store it I will have a “W.I.P.” tub. I am planning on starting 3 WIPs to start with. The first is a selvage quilt along the lines of this one I found on Pintrest :

Maybe not as colour coordinated tho. But I am collecting selvage for it so having it as a WIP seems perfect! I can do a block whenever I have enough šŸ™‚

The second I have mentioned before, is a Spiders Web Quilt like this one :

And the third is one I have just discovered via a Sewing Bee group I am a fan of on Facebook, a Reverse Rainbow Starburst :

I figure I can take my time and find just the right fabrics for each coloured block šŸ™‚ Pretty, yes?

That is the plan … I guess time will tell if it works for me or not šŸ˜€

Here is a picture I took on our recent holiday to Cairns. We went up to Kuranda on Skyrail and spent a couple of hours in the Butterfly Sanctuary. Both the boys were fascinated and Harrison spent most of the time trying to get me to take a photo of the Ulysses Butterfly. They are really hard to photograph as when they land they close their wings flat together to make themselves more camouflaged and less a target for predators. I forgot to take my good camera and we were therefore trying to capture it on my iPhone – gah!! {Plus to make it harder its new so I was doing it gingerly as I was afraid of dropping it into one of the ponds! hahaa} We were literally making our way out when he asked me for one more try as there was a concentration of them around the feeders. This was the one we got then :

Ulysses butterflies

It’s a little grainy, I know lol
The one on the left was just landing and the one on the right was juuuust about to take off!
They were just spectacular and totally worth trying so I had to share šŸ™‚

Anyhow … what are your sewing or crafty projects for this year?? Cya next time xo


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