HAPPY 2013 !!!!!

A New Year is upon us!

Is it just me, or do they speed up as you get older? Time seems to fly by!

How was everyone’s Christmas? Did you see in 2013 last night?

We went to a beautiful wedding and stayed in a nice hotel in the city afterwards. My 3 boys sat up and watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show afterwards and asked me to wake them to go on the roof to watch the fireworks … Midnight rolls around and I got a “Yes”, rollover and “ZZZZZZZ”; a “groan”; and a “Grunt, snort!” from the 3 of them. So I went up to the 20th floor all by myself and saw in the new year with 30 or 40 pseudo-friends {aka strangers 😉 }
I am like a big kid, I absolutely LOVE fireworks! And it didn’t disappoint, it was gorgeous!

A and J's wedding kiss
This is my favourite picture of the day ~ Its grainy and I touched it up to look old and in my opinion its perfection 🙂 I love their little boys watching on in rapture, it was just a perfect moment!

my boysry and i
These pics are us from the wedding, the first is of my 3 boys. I love this pic 🙂 … The second is me having some quiet time talking to Ryan … I didn’t get many of me so this one will have to do! lol

Xmas shorts
These are the Christmas shorts I made for the boys – they loved them!

I am taking the next week or so to spring clean my house and de-clutter my office {after a quick, 2 night trip to Cairns on friday!}, and then I will make myself a list of ‘Sewing To-Do’s”. First on the list, I need to finish the second quilt for my boys. The last of the fabric arrived while I was doing my Christmas sewing and I havent had a chance to get into it.
I really, really, REALLY need a design wall! I detest laying quilts on the floor because I don’t want them messed up if I cant finish it the same day, and they take up soooo much room! What do you use for a design wall??
I cant wait to get cracking on sewing in 2013! See you soon xo


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