Howdy Strangers!

I am so sorry!! I have been terribly absent for the last month or two …

We’ve had holidays, back to school, sewing for donations, sicknesses, crashed computers, and some days … just plain laziness!

I will come back when I am finished the quilt I am working on this weekend and do a proper post. But in the meantime, here is a pic of our newest addition, Jack to add some cuteness!


And while I’m here, do you have a Pintrest account?

I am totally addicted to Pintrest!! If you want to have a squiz, you can find me here

Here are some pics of the little outfits I made and donated % of to a friend’s showcase last month:

  TLR Twirl Skirt Set TLR Denim Shorts Set

The quilt I am making is a single, raggy Batman quilt for my youngest, Ryan. I already made Harrison’s matching one but have been holding off on giving it to him til Ryan’s was done … I have been holding off since before Christmas … ooops!

Well, ok I seemed to say much more in a few minutes than I thought I would! lol But I will come back very soon and ramble on again.

….. And I will share some pics of the boy’s new Batman Quilts 🙂 Catchya later xo


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