Hand made = Hard work!

I am a little bit passionate about making and buying hand-made items. Especially supporting stay-at-home-Mums and their businesses.

It makes me sad when people complain about the prices of hand-made original items. From gorgeous little outfits for your kids to Quilts like I make. If you want to spend $50 on a doona cover and make a lovely little kids room around that, then that’s great, go for it.
But,  if you want to have an original garment or decor piece made with love by a stay at home Mum – or even *gasp* a Mum who HAS an out of the home job and is working extra hard doing something she loves to produce these awesome items, then expect to pay an appropriate price for them!


Here is an example of what I mean … I make Raggy Quilts and am getting into clothing and regular quilts. At the moment I am making Single Raggy Quilts for my own boys room. They would have cost me about $200-$250 so far. Easily! Not to mention the hours that have gone into them. I reckon, even charging $300 I would be making about $5 an hour. But – I will have an original bedding set for my boys that no one else has. Cant help but be happy with that 🙂

This morning one of my favourite suppliers got one of my all time favourite fabrics back in stock. And only $9.25 a yard! For gorgeous designer quilting fabric!
This is the fabric and I was thinking of making this exact quilt :

Pretty, yes? 🙂
Well! I put all the fabrics required except the batting into my online shopping cart and it came to $350 incl. freight! Add the batting which I can get here and it’ll be near $400! I’ve never made a quilt like this one, but I’m guessing it’s not a weekend project, so how can one make and sell something like this? Unfortunately cost implies it could only ever be something extra special for me …

Amy Butler is my all time favourite fabric designer. She makes some gorgeous lines and I wish I could get 10 yards of each! lol

Here are some:

Oh well … with dreams of gorgeous fabrics filling my head I am off to get ready for work 😦 Booooo! lol


One thought on “Hand made = Hard work!

  1. I so completely agree with you Kate. You make awesome products and such love and time and effort goes into them sometimes I wonder how you can price that at all. They are truely one of a kind items which would look amazing in any house.
    Love that you are sharing all this with us and hope that more people understand handmade better in the future. Without handmade we are going to be a sorry place full of short lasting imported cheap items. 😦

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