Some of my random thoughts for a random Tuesday …

1. WHY do people tailgate?? It fucking pisses me to tears! I had a silly cow riding my tail on the way to school collection this afternoon, someone flashed us and she backed right off. Now, I 99% of the time use my cruise control,Ā  (I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to blow a weeks hard-earned wages on a speeding ticket!!) so I didn’t alter my driving one little bit after being flashed anyhow. We didn’t see any cops around, so I don’t know why we were flashed. But this chick followed me all the way to school and parked behind me, then let out her 4ish year old daughter and wandered off to collection. I felt like sticking my head out (we sit in the a/c car til the last minute šŸ˜‰ ) and asking her why the hell she thought it was ok to put my child, and hers, at risk by tailgating me when I was doing the speed limit??? I just don’t get it! It’s sooo not worth it!
Like the other week when some wanker tailgated and then overtook us on double lines ….. only to have to stop at a red light and I pull up right beside him! WHAT did he achieve?? He put himself and more importantly US in danger; risked fines for speeding, hooning (as he was in a V8, so maybe a confiscated car as well!) and crossing double lines … all to end up in EXACTLY the same spot he would have if he had waited til we reached double lanes and changes lanes. He was right beside me at the lights FFS!!!!!
Rant over.

2. I have finished my first patchwork twirl skirt šŸ™‚ Here is a pic!

Now I just need to make a coordinating t-shirt šŸ™‚

3. I don’t wanna go to work tonight! I am buggered and think I need to find a new job where they pay me to stay home and sleep. Or sew šŸ˜‰

4. ONE. HUNDRED. MILLLLLION. DOLLARS!!!!!! That’s how I have been saying tonight’s Oz Lotto jackpot. “Wouldnt it be nice?” – They have the right catchphrase that’s for sure! What would YOU do with $100,000,000 ?????
(that’s an awful lotta zeros!!)


One thought on “Snippits

  1. 1. I hate tailgaters too grrr… I hope you waved at the wanker at the lights, I would have beeped and waved with a huge smile then mouthed loser with the L to my forehead then wiggled my little finger at him lol
    2. What a bloody awesom skirt, good luck matching a shirt to it, I can’t decide what colour I think would work best lol
    3. When you find one of those jobs let me know cause I want one too lol but I’m lazy I’m not working at all yet – I would be the one with separation anxiety šŸ˜¦
    4. Sorry you didn’t win x and yep wouldn’t it have been nice xxx

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