Time to Bite the Bullet

Well, she’s been sitting round for most of the year now … waiting.
And taunting … and waiting some more …
IMG_8088 (2)
Waiting to be finished …
Waiting for me to take action …
Waiting for a decision …
The reason she’s been waiting is because I want to keep her for myself. But she’s too small for what I now want her for. I was originally going to make a couch throw out of her. But I fell in love! ❤ Now I want her for my bedroom.

*sigh* But what to do without any more charm squares???
You see, this gorgeous baby was the product of my “Ms Midge’s Aussie Tula Pink Charm Swap” charms! And I only got the one bundle this time round! *kicks myself*

Basically I want to bump her up from a single size to a generous queen size.
So I’ve been keeping half an eye out for some charm squares to use but we have been broke as hell this year eeeekkk! Anyhow, I just got a little tax back and decided to treat myself to some pretties! And what better pretties are there than some Tula???
(I thought and thought what I was going to do with my tax return this year and I have wrung just about all I can from that little baby! haha)

Enter : this gorgeous bundle of Slow and Steady that just landed on my doorstep!!!

So … now comes the “Bite the Bullet” part!

I need to bite the bullet and take her apart to add some of these beauties!! I might have a quick look for a Chipper Charm pack to add in if the prices arent too ludicrous. I’ve also stashed away a small bundle of True Colours which I will use too.

Anyhow, it’s school holidays at the moment so who knows how much time I’ll have to sew lol! Plus, I have another project on the boil that must be finished first!

Catch you all later! xx

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5 thoughts on “Time to Bite the Bullet

  1. I’ve had that problem with quilts meant for other people… Love the new charm pack colour palette, but I simply wouldn’t be able to force myself to pick it apart, it’s too pretty 🙂

    • Yeah, I know hey! I will see if I can get away with adding to each side and just unpicking a little so the seams sit nicely … I will see how the colours lay 🙂 I won’t be moving round too much tho, I just worry these won’t slip in round the edges. I don’t want to wreck her!

      • Could you turn her into a medallion quilt, with all that loveliness in the middle and some lovely borders, or is she too much the wrong shape…?
        Oh, and we’ll be in Townsville on 20/21st and part of 26 October. Will you be around to catch up for a coffee or something?

  2. I have considered a border! I will have a play when I have them cut …
    Yes, I think I replied when you initially told me. At this stage I am off on the 20th. But my boss usually tweaks the roster up til a week or two out so we can firm up a time closer if thats ok?
    At the very least if I end up working all 3 you guys could come and have lunch/coffee with me at work (the cafe ladies make fabulous coffees!)

    • For some reason, your replies don’t show up in my comments, so I came back to check, and a good job I did! It’ll be great to finally meet you, especially as we’ve finally given ourselves some proper time in Townsville for a change. I’ll text you nearer the time to see how your roster is looking. And as a fallback, we have the café to fall back on 🙂

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