three65positive – 10th Jan

Well, I had another long day at work today and I am so thankful to be off my feet! Tomorrow off then 4 shifts til I am on holliiiidaaaysssssss!! 😀

365P 10

We had rain today!! Big, fat, juicy, delicious drops falling from heaven! We so need it, it’s been too far between rain this last year or two! I felt like running out and dancing in it and I am praying for lots, lots more 🙂
Hope you have a wonderful day.

KATE Sig for Manic Mumdaysthree65positive – 10


3 thoughts on “three65positive – 10th Jan

    • I live literally a 7minute drive from work where I took this pic and we didn’t get even a drop at home 😦 And it bucketed down for about 20mins at work with light showers for another 20 …

      • We have a similar microclimate here; it can be bucketing down in Bakers Creek, and 2km up the road it’s bone dry. Why do the clouds have to have such sharp edges?!

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