three65positive – 2nd Jan

As you might know by now I am working on an Interior Design course. I get to see and learn about so much gorgeous architecture as part of that! So this subject is bound to come up in my three65positive :)I adore the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and this dragon inspired rooftop of Casa Batllo in Barcelona always makes me smile!
The bottom of this building is gorgeous too isn’t it? But I just had to share that roof! It makes me happy and love learning 🙂

KATE Sig for Manic Mumdays#three65positive – 2


6 thoughts on “three65positive – 2nd Jan

    • I haven’t seen anything of his I didn’t like!
      Have you seen pics of the inside of the Sagrada Familia? Amazing!
      I need to win lotto and do an architectural tour of the world – bucket list haha

      • Not just that, I’ve actually been there and seen many of the buildings in real life! My dad lived an hour down the road for 20 years, and many of my holidays were spent in Spain before I emigrated. I think the Sagrada Familia is my favourite, because it mixes so many styles, but I also love Parc Guell. If you win the lotto and need a Barcelona guide, I’m your girl!

      • My parents were ancient church and museum freaks, I think I’ve been to every important historic building in northern Europe, seen most of the remaining buildings of the Roman Empire, and loved it all. No adolescent whining from the back seat for me!

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