A Finish and a Vow

The finish.
I have a cute little finish to share tonight πŸ™‚
This lovely has sat on my couch patiently waiting for me to finish it for the last 3 weeks … All I had to do was 1 1/2 sides of binding! Slack hey?IMG_6933 (2)The front. Held up by my best helper, Master 9 {That’s the top of his tennis cap peaking over the top. We took these waiting for their lessons lol}
I used Riley Blake’s Country Girls fabric. It’s such a pretty range!
IMG_6932 (2)The back πŸ™‚
It’s a nice size for baby – 45″ x 48″ {114cm x 122cm}

The vow.
This little beauty sat half done for aaages. I am vowing to myself to not let that happen any more. I am so gung-ho when doing my tops. I can often whip one up in a day. or a weekend. But when it comes time for the back I struggle!!
I prefer to make pieced backs creatively use up scraps from making the quilt and I have been struggling to come up with ideas. By that stage I want something that’s going to be quick but I want it to still be pretty.

So. My vow is this – Make the back right away! While I have momentum!
And, if I’m struggling for inspiration – Remember KISS!
Keep It Simple Stupid!

In that vein I am going to whip up a couple of backs for the tops languishing in my “To-Be-Finished” pile. Lets see howΒ  go. If successful, I should be able to share another couple of finishes in September! Wish me luck!

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5 thoughts on “A Finish and a Vow

  1. It’s boring of me, but I don’t let myself start a new top till I’ve finished the one before. I might have several different types of project on the go (machine pieced, hand pieced, machine quilted, hand quilted), but once I finish a top, I don’t get to play with new fabric till it’s done. It works for me, anyway… And I LOVE doing the binding.
    That’s a cute little quilt – I love the sprinkle of pinwheels!

    • I’ve always worked that way in the past too Kate! I don’t mind having a couple of projects on the go, but it annoys me that I power thru the top and then falter lately :-/
      I have a couple of ideas bursting to come to life so hopefully that will be enough to clear these last couple waiting πŸ™‚

      • oooh! 2nd I am out with the kids but the 5th I will be home all day playing with a friend painting furniture! We can always be talked into stopping work for coffee πŸ˜€ Let me know time closer and we’ll work something out!

  2. It’ll be early lunchtime, I think. Can you let me have an email address so I can get in touch, or maybe a mobile number? I’ll need the address nearer the time! You can find my email address on my Contact Me page.

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