EEEK Is it Friday again already???


Sorry, I know its been a while since I posted {12 days actually – I just checked :-/ oops, my bad!}

Is the fact that Christmas is biting at our heels a good enough excuse? I have been shopping and wrapping up a storm! As well as Harris finishing school for the year last Friday. He is such an easy child to be around, helps me by spending time with my wild child Ryan too LOL

I have also been sewing like a demon in the last week. My poor little overlocker had to go in for a service this week tho, 😦 Boooo … so that will snip my wings a little. It takes longer without it, but oh well … I love my sewing machine and don’t mind spending a little extra time with her.
Here are some Bunting I have made for Christmas gifts for 4 special little people who I love 🙂 :


I also have 4 pairs of Christmas shorts and a Christmas skirt half-finished on my sewing table.
I am hoping to finish the shorts tonight and the skirt tomorrow 🙂

I have a bit going on, I was ironing for 2 ladies, but quit that last weekend, I dropped a shift at the greatest-hardware-store-in-the-Southern-Hemisphere … and all because I am starting a TAFE course next month! Excitement!! I’ve just decided I’d like to do a photography course as well. Time to get back to me.

I cant wait to show you some pics of my shorts and skirt over the weekend! I will also have another cute picture to share before Christmas … watch this space 😉


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