Friday Fragments

Its Friday – its Friday,
The best day of the week,
The day that we look forward to,
The day that we all seek!
Not Monday or Wednesday,
I’m really glad the weekends here!
Hoping for some sunny days,
Wishing for a holiday,
Boy I sure am glad its Fridayyyy! πŸ™‚

Hi Everyone!
How are you? Can you tell it’s my favourite day of the week?
I am doubly happy today. In fact you really can’t wipe the smile from my face … This is why :

My gorgeous, long-pined-for, great condition, fully operational, antique Singer Treadle Machine was delivered yesterday afternoon! It is exquisite and I am in love. There are also heaps of extras! It was a very lucky find, didn’t happen overnight tho, I have been looking for years!
Even Hubby thinks its beautiful.
And my 3yo, Ryan asked to be picked up to kiss the “beautiful black Mummys machine” haha

Add to that the fact we are heading over to Magnetic Island tomorrow for a weekend of fun. The boys are looking forward to playing cricket on the beach, swimming in the pool and staying in a hotel. I am looking forward to not having to cook, iron or clean and going for an ocean swim. I loooove swimming in the ocean. The kids will probably crash out after Mark’s work BBQ and I will be able to read my book in peace and quiet {and free air conditioning! haha} while he drinks on … and on and on and on, no doubt πŸ˜‰ haha

One week of school left! Harrison is reallllly dragging his heels now. Every day he tries to get the day off! … little does he know I am greedy and plan to eek out as many minutes of peace as I can before the fights start. I thought by having a 3.5 yr gap between the boys we might avoid them, but they argue about anything and everything lately. And sometimes it gets physical :-/ Kids!!
2013 will be the last year I have one of my babies home with me full-time! Ryan starts pre-prep in 2014 and I wont know what to do with myself. I am tempted to keep working nights so I can have a few days a week to myself. But just for a few months for a break. I am doing a TAFE course next year and want to eventually get a ‘day job’ again.

What are you doing this weekend?
Whatever it is I hope it’s a good one with fun, family and relaxation! {and sleep, or is it only me who craves a catch up on the weekends?}
Catch you on the flip side …


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