I’m A Busy Little Bee!

Hellooo! Hows tricks everyone?
I have been a little quiet as I am working hard to tidy up my health, house and life before the end of 2012. I plan on starting the new year with a sparkling house, a health and fitness plan that sticks and more time.

More time to sew, more time to play (with my boys too 😉 ) and more time to study. I am starting a TAFE course in January and I can’t wait! Its been a long time between classes for me 🙂

We only have this and next week left of the school year, so I am trying to get as much done before I have Two Little Rascals (shameless plug! haha) underfoot instead of just one. Today I cleaned out the playroom. My boys are getting a tv/dvd combo for Christmas and I am moving my sofabed in there for them so we need the space! It will be nice to be able to give visitors a room of their own from now on too, instead of having the fold out in the loungeroom.

I have cleared 2 bags of rubbish, 2 bags of Salvo’s donations and a bag and a box of ‘baby’ toys I’m taking to my sister’s youngest Bub. I can’t believe how much they have crammed in there! … AND!!! I have only cleared the bookcases, drawers and toy box. I still have the closet to clear! They are clearly spoilt crazy! … Or headed for a future embarrassing episode of “Hoarders” !! heehee 😉
Check it out! :

A clean up is also a good idea because I have a new piece coming to live at my house in 2 days … something I have been coveting since I was a small child. Watch this space for pics!

Speaking of Bee’s … Has anyone ever participated in a Quilting Bee??

I have recently discovered a couple in a group I am part of on Facebook … I am intrigued! I don’t have time to join in right now, but would love to give it a whirl in 2013. Please comment with your Quilting Bee stories, the good the bad and the awesome (cos I’m sure there’s no ‘ugly’ lol)

Oh well, I’m off to work! Catch you on the flip side! 😀


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