My Manic Blurt about TV programmes …

I am going to ramble today! lol

Firstly, I love this year’s X Factor! There is so much talent out there!! And some of them are so young! (when did I start to feel so old?! lol)

My favourites since they whittled it down to the final 12 was a list of about 8 contestants!! But in the last few weeks I have 2 clear favourites – Nathanial and Fourtunate. I was shocked when they landed in the bottom 2. Nathaniel has a voice like pure honey! It makes me melt and drool at the same time 🙂 And Fourtunate have so much personality and joy in their performances! IMHO both acts have “The X Factor”. I am so so happy they both made it thru last night! (Fourtunate by the skin of their teeth!) C”MON Boys go for it!!

I am really enjoying some of the shows out there at the moment. It’s a bit sad actually lol But I do cut and sew and iron in front of the TV a lot so its nice to have something good to watch. Here are some of my favourites :

1. Touch – I love, love, love this show. What an amazing concept! I hope whispers that it wont be back for more seasons are false!
2. Modern Family – How freaking FUNNY is this show?!?! I love it 🙂 Cant wait for Sunday and the new season. Gloria pregnant, can’t wait for the laughs surrounding that!
3. Hawaii Five-0 – OMG!!! Alex O’Loughlin is my next husband!! ❤
4. Homeland – Season 1 was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one to start this week!
5. The Good Wife – This one doesn’t appeal to all, but I don’t like to miss it!
6. The Mentalist – Simon Baker, need I say more? lol
7. Person of Interest – This one can be a little repetitive, but I still love it. I blame James Caviezel.
8. Puberty Blues – I really enjoyed this new series. It had a little ‘ick’ factor at some of the things they did and put up with, but I will be watching next season 🙂
9. Revenge – CAN.NOT.WAIT. for next season!
10. The Block – I want to BE on the Block! lol I can’t miss it. Ever.
11. Home and Away – Sad but true. I watch it. 🙂
12. Criminal Minds – A loooong time fave.

I know there are others, but I’m a bit forgetful so if I havent watched it recently I forget it lol

I also have a few that I still kinda watch but I think they’ve lost their lustre and maybe they need to wrap them up. Grey’s Anatomy,Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother spring to mind. For crying out loud – Tell us how you met their mother already!!!! Tho, I will admit to having a cry when Mark died on Grey’s last week 😦

There are some absolute crap shows out there at as well.
Well, in my opinion anyhow. I’m sure they have some followers cos they keep rolling them out each year.
If I have to endure that add with the ‘geek’ growling/hissing/what-the-fuck-ever-it-is ever again I may just boycott channel 7! And I wont even go further than mentioning the Lara Bingle Show – who in the hell ever thought that would be a good idea?? And the Shire – What were they thinking???? I don’t think I need to elaborate there either. And Charlie Sheen – please retire.

I was kinda thinking that the Brynne Eddelstien Bedazzled show might be interesting. Just to see how the other half live. After the first episode last week I came away with a bad taste in my mouth, for 2 reasons : 1. No matter how much money he had I don’t think I could marry that nasty old bastard! He’s so mean to her! and 2. $250,000 on clothing she hadn’t even tried on????? WTF????? I can think of sooooooo many better things to spend A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS on!! I actually feel a bit sorry for Brynne. She seems like a genuinely nice person who wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly, and she seems sad and lonely.

Anyhoo ….. that’s my rambling and reviewing done for the day haha. Hope everyone is happy and well 🙂 Kate xo


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