three65positive – 6th Jan

Today I am so in love with coffeeeeee!How clever are these coffee artists???
I was up until 2am catching up on assignments so I am realllly thankful for coffee today! haha … I’m lucky to have had a sleep in … but will probably struggle tonight as I have an early shift at work tomorrow and I have to crash early 😀
Hopefully I will finish an assignment this morning and will get to sew this afternoon/evening!
I hope you all have a fabulous hump day everyone! ❤

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three65positive – 5th Jan

I love astronomy!
This is one of my favourites – The Jewel Box, a gorgeous, colourful cluster of stars. It makes me feel happy and yet insignificant at the same time. To imagine that each one of these are stars much like our own Sun, and who knows how many planets they might have orbiting them … And maybe even other life forms! Breathtaking!

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three65positive – 4th Jan

Meet Tink!
365P 4He doesn’t like having his photo taken, but in the end he just sighed and said “Fine! Get it over with!” I am allergic to cats but I do so love gingers so I can never resist giving cuddles when they’re offered! I just have to remember to wash properly or I pay the price later! haha I am off to do a little studying and will try to get some work on my latest quilt done tomorrow. Hope to have it done by the end of this weekend 🙂

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three65positive – 3rd Jan

I love animals. I’ve passed this love along to Mstr Nearly 10 who wants to be a vet when he grows up. He told me I can be his vet’s nurse! ha!
On the side I do a little pet-minding. Not huge business {who has the time??} and mainly word of mouth, but gives me some handy coin round holidays.
Anyhow, this is my latest best friend –

Doesn’t he have the sweetest little face you ever did see??
He is my three65positive for today cos he makes me smile and laugh out loud. I love him {and his feline brother who doesn’t like the camera} and enjoy playing with him 🙂

Hope you had a lovely Sunday and a wonderful week ahead ❤

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three65positive – 2nd Jan

As you might know by now I am working on an Interior Design course. I get to see and learn about so much gorgeous architecture as part of that! So this subject is bound to come up in my three65positive :)I adore the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and this dragon inspired rooftop of Casa Batllo in Barcelona always makes me smile!
The bottom of this building is gorgeous too isn’t it? But I just had to share that roof! It makes me happy and love learning 🙂

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Happy New Year!! {And something new}

Happy New Year!!I wish for you a happy, prosperous, joyful, funny, loving, exciting, relaxing, fun year!
I hope 2016 is all you are hoping for and more ❤

As per last year, I won’t be making NY resolutions … So I thought I’d do something a little different {Since last year’s Bucket List hasn’t been fulfilled I will keep working on that thru 2016 😉 } I’m really excited about this, so check it out :

2015 was a pretty shitty year for my family. I feel like I am a bit jaded and in a kind of grumpy funk. So I thought I might try to think positive and share one image that makes me happy each day.
It might be Quilt-y, Interior Design-y, Meme-y, Family oriented, or maybe even just plain day-to-day ordinary.
It may be one I’ve found on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest etc … or it might be one of my own.
But it will make me feel good and it will be POSITIVE 🙂
I am going to call it three65positive.

I reserve the right to lace my babies thru it whenever the feeling suits me too! Cos they are freaking AWESOME little people and the most positive things in my life. I am SO proud of them.

I will be sharing my three65positive pictures on here, my facebook page, and Instagram. So please feel free to tag me (@manicmumdays) there and use #three65positive on Insta 🙂 I would love for you to share too! ❤

I will post my very first three65positive later on today so watch this space all my spaces! 😉