Kate’s Top 5 – Things I Ask My Kids

Top 5 Things I ask My Kids ….
Hmmm. This could be interesting only to me …?
Oh well, here goes!

#1 – What was your favourite thing about today?
I ask each of them this one on the way home from school thru the week, and after work on the weekends 🙂 They got lazy for a while there and would just say “Everything.” But I am nothing, if not persistent! And I don’t accept that these days haha.
More information needed.

#2 – What was something you didn’t like about today?
They got a little lazy with this one too, but are now being more creative. My big man fell over one morning before school and that was his least favourite thing … Until he had to get in the bath with his war wounds and told me he changed his mind – that was worse! haha

#3 – Will you pair please quieten down?!
This is less a request and more a plea for peace … I’m sure most parents {and non-parents!} can relate haha
They can make a surprising amount of noise for 2 small humans!

#4 – Who did you play with today?
This one I ask because I like to stay in the loop with their social lives. It can often explain behaviour and moods outside of school.

#5 – Where do you fit all that food??
My big boy eats the same size dinner as me at night. He will have 2 sandwiches or 2 giant sausage rolls for lunch and just eats alllll day long! His little brother doesn’t eat quite as much, but is close behind and will catch up one day soon I am sure 🙂
I think hubsy and I will have to each take on second jobs to feed them when they are teenagers!!
The thing that annoys me most tho, is that they are both skinny minnies and I am the fatty in the family even tho I dont eat as much as them! haha *sigh*

And, just because I am in love with Adele at the mo, here is my song of the week! (Can you believe it’s had nearly a BILLION views in just 2months??!?!)

Hope you have a wonderful NYE, see you next year! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Kate’s Top 5 – Things I Ask My Kids

  1. Fun post! I’m a huge Adele fan too, so thank you for that.
    I have just one question for you: Is it wet enough for you yet?!
    Down here, it’s beautifully cool, grey and damp, with just the right kind of rain: dense, persistent but not so heavy it floods everything. The cane is practically going green as I watch, and the grass will probably be knee high tomorrow. What a great start to the year for the farmers!

    • Oh yes Kate! The rain has been magnificent!! I drifted off last night to the sound of drizzle and woke to it early this morning 🙂
      It’s stopped here now and is very muggy but I am loving seeing the creeks and waterways full! Haven’t heard where the dam level is at but surely risen back above 30% at last {Hopefully anyhow! 🙂 }
      Love the image of the cane going green as you watch, hope our surroundings go green here quickly too!

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