Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Is it sad that the thing I am looking forward to most is the Pavlova??

{last year’s efforts *drool*} heehee

Seriously tho, I am really looking forward to tomorrow! The boys are so excited! We won’t be having a big one this year. My brother is coming over for lunch but it certainly won’t be the HUGE family Christmas from my childhood. That’s one of the sad things about people having fewer children I think – no more squeezing 30 people into a house for a huge day week of fun, food and cheer. Oh well … fun is what you make of it. We will still have a ball together … might even squeeze some sewing in after lunch and/or dinner 🙂

Does your family have any cute traditions at Christmas time?
We get new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and always have something ‘junky’ for dinner – The kids have requested Maccas – yuk! And then we’ll watch some junky tv.

I remember how excited we were as kids going to bed on Christmas Eve after leaving some milk and bikkies out for Santa. My boys leave a bucket of water and some carrots or oats out for the reindeer as well ❤ We used to try and stay awake to see Santa. My babies don’t seem to tho, they crash like a sack of potatoes! haha

Anyhow … Hope you all have a very happy and safe Christmas Day tomorrow!

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