So, yesterday I stumbled upon a fabulous challenge!

It’s called “Taking Stock”!

It can be found on Meet Me at Mikes, and I saw it via WoogsWorld!

I thought I’d give it a try, here we gooooo!

Making : A Bonnie & Camille Charm Along Quilt
Cooking : used to be a pleasure …
Drinking : Water atm. Only thing that helps with the coughing!
Reading : James Patterson 12th of Never. Standard JP so far …
Wanting : Ben and Jerry’s Clusterfluffs please!!
Looking : at the folding and ironing while thinking up excuses to not do it
Playing : Mahjong Trails is about the only game I play at the moment
Deciding : What I want to do with my life ….. it’s hard!
Wishing : my extended family all lived closer
Enjoying : the warmer days and ocean breezes
Waiting : to be finally over this damn cold!
Liking : my life at the moment!
Wondering : WTF is going on in the world lately …? 😦
Loving : the fact that one of my gorgeous goddesses got engaged last night!!! {Congrats S and N! ❤ }
Pondering : what to get the babies for lunch … boring sando’s no doubt lol
Considering : My options …. hmmm cryptic hey! haha
Watching : I am addicted to Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones … I know, I know! I’m late to the party! But better late than never 😉 I am also enjoying Orange is the New Black and Outlander.
Hoping : to win the RSL prize in 10 days 😉
Marvelling : that my youngest will be in prep in just a few short months :-/ … WHERE has the time gone??
Needing : a good night’s sleep. You know how you just don’t sleep well when ur sick? It’s been 3 nights now – I’m exhausted! Plus I’ve been staying up late which doesn’t help.
Smelling : Cigarettes! One of my back neighbors is smoking and it’s drifting right in our back door! Ugh! Wish we were on a bigger block with neighbours further away …
Wearing : yoga pants and singlet. I really need to shop for some new clothes soon!
Following : not much at the moment. Trying to stop being a ‘follower’!
Noticing : the kids aren’t fighting much these holidays – yaay!
Knowing : it can’t last tho, surely? haha
Thinking : that I better get off my puter and finish this quilt top now!
Admiring : single, working Mum’s … It’s hard sorting out life with a partner, let alone by yourself. School holidays + a job is a nightmare
Sorting : out my ‘to do’ list
Buying : nothing! I am trying to STOP spending!
Getting : more and more keen on buying a new {to us} car!
Bookmarking : my TAFE course was my last bookmark! 🙂
Disliking : all the terror/muslim/war stuff going on in the world of late 😦
Opening : my eyes later than normal is awesome – school holiday sleep-ins ROCK!!
Giggling : at the kids chattering away while playing Mario Kart on their DS’s
Feeling : happy that I am nearing the end of this list – it’s hard!
Snacking : on Doritos and Corn dip. Naughty.
Coveting : the house up the hill. I wish I had $2mill
Wishing : see above 😉 heehee {Just re-read my list and noticed another ‘wishing’ near the top!!! haha}
Helping : the kids bake over the weekend
Hearing : the news is bringing me down so I resolve to switch it off from now on. Ignorance is sometimes bliss!


WOW! That was harder than I thought it would be!
Have a fabulous weekend! Catch you soon

KATE Sig for Manic Mumdays


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