Still kicking ;)

Evening all πŸ™‚
How was your Easter? Hope you got lots of these πŸ˜‰

Today was the first day of Term 2 today and normally I would be sighing a lovely “Ahhhhhh”
But the big man-child decided he would take the 3 day week off combined with a dentist appointment and a big pile of forgotten book-covering for the school library and I haven’t stopped or relaxed all day! lol

….. On a happy note I have lovely clean teeth πŸ˜€ heehee
And the kids enjoyed their first day back at school and kindy which makes me happy too!

In other news I have been pottering round doing a little sewing …

Here is the ‘Swoon’ block I made for our Queen in my Quilting Bee this month :

Bee Block ~ March

I love the colours, and half way thru I decided I loved this block so much that I purchased a pattern to create a mini version.
I thought it would be the perfect size for a jelly roll. And it is …
But I had to unpick the last 2 seams about 17 times each!!! Painful!
….. so I have put that aside for a time when I will have more time to devote to it.

I knocked up a gorgeous new dress for my little niece. The lovely Lou from The Oz Material Girls and Patterns Only asked me to give a review on the pattern. The pattern is the new Grace dress from Boo! Designs.
And I have to say, it was a dream to make! And I think it turned out beautifully! What do you reckon? :

Collage Cat Grace

I am so proud of myself, with this dress I {finally} taught myself to make rolled hems on my overlocker!
It was well worth the effort – those ruffles are the best I’ve ever made!!

Anyhoooo … I am off for now, catch you all soon πŸ™‚


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