The Cat is Out of the Bag

Good Morning!

Remember I said I was working on a secret squirrel project recently?

The item has now been delivered and I’d love to share the story with you all 🙂

4 1/2 years ago I discovered I was pregnant with our second child. I signed up to an online Baby Club, thinking it would be a place to find out information and meet some people in the same place in their lives.


Meet them I did! We were a group of 80 or 90 and over the years a few have dropped off, but even now we are round the 70 mark. We are spread out – all over Australia and New Zealand in fact. With one of us even jet setting off to Saudi Arabia last year!
Anyhow, we have become extremely tight-knit and have held meet-ups – both “mega” and “mini” {more for those close by to just have a coffee and playdate.} These ladies will be my life-long friends! We are family.

Sadly one of our family are going thru a sad, terrible, tough, heart-breaking time. They lost her beloved Dad unexpectedly a little while ago. And within weeks of that tragedy they were dealt a double blow. Their adorable, vibrant little boy, Devin was diagnosed with Leukemia. Treatment commenced almost immediately starting off with a trip on the Flying Doctor to Westmead Hospital.

Dev Before
This is Devin, look at that AMAZING hair!

Our group passed the hat around and treated Devin to an iPad – a wonderful tool for keeping little people occupied for hours, I know it keeps my 2 little and 1 big men enthralled!

But we wanted to do something a little more personal. One of our lovelies {hi Meg!} came up with the fabulous idea of making a quilt from blocks sent from all of our combined families! I was nominated to assemble it and off we went!!

Here are a couple of collages of blocks as I got them:

Blend for Dev #1Blend For Dev # 2

Layering the work in progress:

Collage Process

The fabulous pillowcase made by another talented member {Hi Ange!}

Collage for Dev Pillowcase

This is how it turned out :

Collage finished

Amazing how little battlers can still smile thru the tough times!


A page has been set up on Facebook to try to help this wonderful family out. They are holding an Auction night on the 16th August, please head on over and check it out. The link is HereThey are also gratefully accepting donations. Every cent goes to Devin and his family for living away from home costs.


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