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flowers from RyPy

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Plodding Along

Sew, I have been quite busy in the last few weeks!

I began a new job {within the same company} at the beginning of February and it has been quite a steep learning curve! I am now on the paint counter and all that it entails.

When I started there, 3 1/2yrs ago, I had the thought that my new position is where I wanted to head after night fill so I’m on track that way so far :)

I like it because I use the products {to an extremely small extent it now seems! haha} and they interest me … But there is so much more entailed than I thought! It’s been quite hard and I am on weird shifts that mean working one huge 3 day weekend and then not again for 11 days. I get into the swing of things and used to it only to be away from it and forget stuff all over again.

Oh well, I will get there I am sure!
This week just gone I had 3 full day training course and man!! They were soooo interesting! I learned so much and I think they are a valuable thing to have under my belt. I am hugely fortunate to have one come up so soon after my move :)

My littlest man is going really well in Kindy and loves it! Which makes me extremely happy :)
It makes it easier to enjoy my ‘Me’ time when I’m not feeling guilty and worried …

This week I have a couple of coffees and lunch dates with girlfriends, but I hope to squeeze some interesting projects in between :) I will also get some sewing done hopefully!

Here is a picture of the gorgeous flowers my littlest man pinched from our friend’s garden :

flowers from RyPy

Anyhow, I hope to be able to show you some pics of what I am up by the end of the week :)

What are you up to this week?

Kate's Bee Block!


Down in the Dumps

Yep. I’m down. If you don’t feel like reading this one I don’t blame you. Skim past, leave me a smile in comments and I will come back in a few days and be happy again. For now, I am in such a funk! And I just don’t know what to do with myself!

I internalise a lot of my environment. And I am desperately unhappy at my ‘real’ job right now. It’s spilling into my personal life and I dont know where to go from here. I would give almost anything to not have to go to work on Saturday :( I have, this week moved to my 3rd store {in the same chain} in the last 5mths and I feel so disjointed it’s not even close to amusing. I am considering begging my original boss for my original job back. Just until I decide what I want to be when I grow the hell up. I’m sick of treading water in a dead end job. Dead end for me anyway. Others seem able to make a career of the place. I can see why. It is quite stable and not always a bad place to be. I just guess I’ve never seen it as a long term place … Tho I have been in the company for 3.5 years now. So it’s not like I move from job to job.

Ugh! Whinge over. If you got this far you must be my sister {haha Hi Boo, love you long time! xoxox}


I feel like kicking my own ass! I am struggling to find motivation to do anything! I have been participating in the most lovely Quilting Bee I could have ever imagined for myself. My block was November and I had just found the mojo to get cracking on the 8 extra blocks I need to turn it into a quilt when I lost steam again.

Kate's Bee Block!

Remember this? Yes? It still looks exactly the same!!!! I have completed all the extra scrap strings and am half way thru putting the white strips round them. So not too far to go :)

I tried my very first paper pieced block – a star! – in the last couple of weeks and decided since it was scrap/white trim/black background too that I would use that on a plain black back for this quilt … so that is even half done! This is the Star block :

{Dont look too closely, it’s far from perfect. But I think for my first time it’d pretty cool!}

Anyhow … I am very much enjoying the sewing I manage to get done right now. I am being a good girl and have reined in my spending on fabric lol I am determined to put a dint in my stash in 2014. A friend wants me to go to Spotlight with her tomorrow.
I plan on coming out with only some plain white quilters cotton and a 1/2m I need to purchase for one of my swapping Bees. And!!! I have my birthday voucher from Spotty to spend so hopefully those won’t even cost me anything! :D

How much fabric do you have in your stash?


My spectacular babies went off to school last week. My big boy is in grade 3 and my baby has just started Kindy. He goes 5 days a fortnight and I miss him dreadfully!!!! We both had tears {2 days of them!} But I managed to not let him see them and he really does seem to be enjoying himself! Which is a relief.

Here are my Two Little Rascals! How handsome they are!!!!!

It’s so scary sending your heart off every day. I feel empty and count down the hours til I get to collect them.
I know I am probably silly, but I really worry when they aren’t with me!! Do other Mums feel this way?? I’m sure I will grow out of it. And I am starting to enjoy being able to do something by myself for a couple of hours a week now tho :)

How are you guys doing? I’d love if you left me a comment and tell me what’s new in your world!

Catch ya next time! <3

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Another New Year …

Time goes by so damn fast!

I think I feel it mainly since I had my boys, they are growing like weeds and I need them to slow down!!

Here they are this week with some of my little pet-minding clients :)

Here is the Christmas tree skirt I made for us this year:

Collage Christmas tree skirt

Now, I’m not really one for New Year Resolutions.

But I like to set myself some goals :

The first goal I have for 2014 is to eat better and lose some lard. I am so sick of being fat and would really love to not be perpetually uncomfortable any more!!

The second goal I have is to figure out what I want to do with my life and get moving in that direction.
I would like to do a TAFE course of some sort.
Even if it’s not exactly what I want, I need to learn something new and open up some opportunities for myself.

The third goal I have for myself is to try to complete one quilting project per month.
I know lots of quilters do heaps more, but I am relatively new to this caper and I don’t like to set the goalposts too far away. It sets you up to fail :)

My fourth and final goal is very broad. It’s to be better.
By this I mean, do better; eat better; exercise better; be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend; work better; waste less time; stop swearing {a tough one for me cos I like it so much! ;) haha} …


Whatever you have planned for it,
and I hope 2014 brings all you dream for!


2014 looks to be a busy one for us, my littlest man is off to Kindy 5 days a fortnight this year!!!!
I will miss him dreadfully! :( But I think he is more than ready for it.
So I will have 30 whole hours a fortnight to do something for me … the possibilities are endless!
I can sew un-interrupted, do my TAFE course, who knows! I had hoped to move to days at my current job but that doesn’t look like a possibility atm, so a change of jobs may even be on the cards! :)

Anyhow, my lappy is going in for a service this week so I will pop back when she gets back and hopefully have some new goodies to show you :) Here’s to a fantastic 2014 for us all!

MM 13 2


Things I dont get …

There are A LOT of things I don’t get …
But right now I want to talk about a couple of quilting things I just don’t understand.

OK, firstly. Low Volume.

MM Low volume MM Low volume2  MM Low Volume4

I’ll admit it. I just don’t get “low volume”.
I don’t. On the whole, to me, they’re a bit boring! I love me some good BOLD colour!
Not to the point that they hurt the corneas, but I’d love to see more lovely colour – please!

This is more my speed ;)

MM Colour

Maybe it’s just me.
I’m not really one for fads {Unless that fad includes Kate Spain! She can do no wrong in my eyes haha }
For example, I like chevron fabric.

MM Chevron

I would even go so far as to say I really like some of them – if the colour’s right ;)
But I didn’t understand the whole craze surrounding them.
It seemed for a while there you couldn’t find a showcase or fabric
sale/shop without them and it drove me a little nuts …

Oh, and while I’m at it, why fuglies??
They’re truly fugly and I have no idea why any designer would make them!

Anyhow ….. On a different note, I forgot to share a fabulous little dress I made for a special girl to wear to Taylor Swift!

 MM 13MM 13 2

She looked fabulous in it too! :)
I think this is the most challenging garment I have ever made!
There is 10m of chiffon in that skirt and a lot of the sequins around the edges are hand sewn on :)
But I think it was worth it! The underneath work isn’t even close to my neatest unfortunately,
but that didn’t translate to a messy top luckily lol

Anyhow … off to do some Block sewing! 2 posts in 2 days plus still bursting with mojo – Squeee!

Kate's Bee Block!

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

 “… And sometimes when you’re not.

Not that I’m having a bad time of things. Just in a bit of a rutt, or funk I think.

I seem to be procrastination more than usual and have lost my sewing ‘mojo’.
I was half way thru writing a whinge but then thought, “It wont help anything and will only make me feel bad” so I will instead post an inspirational picture from the wisest being I know of ;)


I wrote the above in early November … I have been so very slack with my posts! So sorry! {Not about Yoda – Yoda is good, Yoda is wise! He actually says this quote for my message alert on my phone! haha}.
I don’t know how I am ever going to become the most successful blogger in the world if I don’t actually blog! {Kidding, I have no such aspirations! If just one or two friends read this I will feel totally privileged! :D Anyone more is a bonus!}

Truth is, I was in a *total* funk back then!

I was going thru a transfer at work, taking on more work in my petminding and other endeavours and to be honest,
I just felt like I had no time to myself! My introverted self can sometimes come to the forefront and I can become claustrophobic and all peopled-out ….. I have also since then regained my sewing Mojo and we are firing ahead! Yaay!

This is the ‘inspirational’ picture I now need to live by :


haha seems apt – I need to just DO for a change :)

I have mentioned I think, that I joined my very first Quilting Bee!! For our October Queen Bee we made Granny Squares!
Here are the ones I made her that I mentioned in my last post, oh-so-very-long-ago! :


I was Queen Bee for November!! Squeeeeee!!
THIS is the amazing fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful, far-exceeds-my-expectations result :

Kate's Bee Block!

Mine is the top left block and the other 11 were sent from 11 very talented ladies from all over Australia!!

Gorgeous isn’t it?!!!! I adore it! I intend on making another 8 to make an extra later top and side which will take it to about single bed sized! AND!!! When I say I intend to – I have already started!!! HA HA – See = My mojo’s BACK lovely’s!!!

Have a fantabulous Thursday – Who can smell the weekend?

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Busy, Busy, Busy Bee Bzzzzzzz :)

I have been a busy, busy, busy bee … just like the title suggests ;)


I have made HEAPS of kids clothing this month :

27Aug market dress27Aug Market set08 Oct Market DressDress2 27 Aug marketSpring Market ShortsRuched short setSpring Market Skirt SetSpring Market DressHalloween Blend08 Oct Market Skirt set

These were all for market nights and all but one are still unsold! So if you like the look of any you could buy them here in my facebook shop, Two Little Rascals :) Or if you are after a different size or fabric, ask for a custom spot!

Do you remember the cute little quilt I blogged about a couple of months ago? I finished her!!! Hooraaayyy!!
Here she is:

Pink ribbon Quilt

Please excuse the dull photograph, we have been lucky enough to have a bit of rain and haven’t had a totally clear day for a couple of days … I will have to take a couple more because it has been donated to TOMG’s Annual Pink Ribbon Auction and I’d love some nice clear, bright photos for that!


I will link you all up to the album when it’s live and you can get a sneak peek!

I am also taking part in my first ever Quilting Bee!!! I am beside myself with excitement! Here are my blocks for October. They have arrived safely at their now home with the Queen already.
*they aren’t trimmed as I thought I’d allow our Queen a little wriggle room :)


I haven’t tried it before so I had a lot of fun with this block {I also had to unpick one section no fewer than 7 – yes SEVEN – times! haha}

And guess what??!!

I am Queen this month! Squeeeeel!

I will do up a sample of my block choice over the weekend, time permitting and show you :)
Catch you soon xo


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