Santa Claus is Coming Soon!

Did your kids believe in Santa Claus? How long did it last?
My boys are 5 & 8 and still believers … Mstr 8 had a stumble in the first few weeks of Prep {he wasn’t quite 5} when one of the little fuckers darlings took it upon themselves to announce to the class the real story.
I remember when my younger brother and I found out. We had heard the whispers at school and decided to put it to the test! We got rough with our bikes and Mum warned us to be gentler with them. We started sprouting off that Christmas was coming up and Santa would bring some new ones … Then she was all like:
yoda shit got real
And so we were told haha – I was 7, lil bro was 6. Not sure how old my sister and youngest bro were when they found out … I must ask them one day soon!
Anyhow … I guess I am asking cos Mstr 8 is already older than we were when we found out and, if I’m completely honest I’m a little afraid of him being embarrassed if he’s the last one in his class and is teased.


Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I have been finished for ages … Just need to send some off before Easter is upon us heehee IN FACT! I am so organised I’m a little bit like this :
meme free time

Anyhow … Must get back to my painting! we decided on a new colour and I am in love with it! I will share some before and after pics when I am finished this room … I’ll also have the latest quilt finish to share in the next couple of days. Just need to find some time to take the pics!

Catchya’s soon!

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The End Is Nigh …

… The end of the school year anyhow ;)
My little man finishes Kindy today!! I can’t believe it – where has the year gone?

I have to admit, I was a little teary! He has had some beautiful teachers and support staff this year. So has my gorgeous big boy. We have been very fortunate to have these ladies in their lives!

So, I decided to make them some quilted cushions for their gifts this year {AND a big box of chocs each heehee} I finished the last of the 5 today! Here are 3. I did 2 of each of the end ones :
cushion 2

I am in love with them! I hope they like them too


Because I have been doing these {and working, studying etc} I am only just getting to my latest finish … Check out my job for tonight! :


And … on that note, sorry it’s a quick post, but I am off to dish up dinner and bind, bind, BIND! :)

Catch you soon

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Colour My World!

I love, love, LOVE colour!
Not sure if you know, but as well as sewing, quilting and painting/restoring furniture, my actual ‘day job’ is working at the paint counter at Bunnings! So colour plays a large part in my every day life :) Does colour matter to you too?

So, that said, I am suitably excited that Pantone have released their Colour of the Year for 2015!

Goodbye Radiant Orchid, you were lovely!

And a HUGE Welcome to Marsala!!

Pantone Colour of the Year 2015
“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.”

– Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute®

From what I can see so far on the net, opinion is divided!
What do you think? Love it or loathe it?

Personally, I was plugging for Calypso Blue or Scuba Blue. Or even Classic Blue … but I do tend to swing towards blues and greens in my own choices, so I am probably a little biased ;)
I do think it was time for a nice, cool blue tho. I am seeing so many blues in design right now!
I’m not sure about the warmth of Marsala – again, it could be because it’s summer and oh, so HOT here right now.
I can see how Marsala would be of appeal to the northern hemisphere who have hit winter now tho! It would go beautifully with greys and even some gorgeous earthy green/burnt orange tones …

How do you think it compares to the previous ‘Colour of the Year’s?


Personally I think quite a few are a little blah to be honest … But I do like my deeper, jewel-toned hues – I still adore Emerald – so it might just be me! haha

Oh well … It’s not up to me to choose.
I will watch with interest to see how much this colour influences colour trends in 2015.
I am tipping there won’t be much Marsala on my sewing table or paintbrush tho ;) haha

Have a great day!

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The Silly Season is Upon Us!

Howdy everyone!

I am running round like a chook with its head cut off lately!
I seem to have no spare time at all!
And it’ll only get worse from here on in I reckon … I do love Christmas time now we have little people tho :)

Christmas presents

I had my latest quilt done last week, going to bind it this weekend {all going well, keep ur fingers X’d for me haha} and then I’ll share some pics next week!


We had our school’s Carols By Candlelight last week. My littlest man, Mr 5, is wandering round singing the 12 days of Aussie Christmas and Silent Night all the time now.
Aussie 12 days
Mr 5’s main aim in life lately is to do pretty much every single thing his big brother does. Bless his beautiful, adoring heart <3
Kinda makes me even gladder {it’s a word!} that my big man is soooo worth emulating <3
Mr 8 brought his year-end report card home yesterday. There might have been proud tears! And I felt less silly when Mr Manic welled up too … don’t tell him I shared that! He got all A’s and B’s and ALL 1’s for effort which is the highest possible and is also the main thing for us. We always tell him that as long as he tries his best we are happy.
I would like to share a little excerpt from the general comments section – “It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Mr 8 this year. He is a motivated student and a simply delightful person.” – How could we not get emotional at that?? *sob!* “… He has worked diligently and consistently to achieve a high standard across all learning areas and has shown he is an extremely capable and unassuming scholar” Such a proud Mumma!! He is so gorgeous! There is much more, but they are the comments that got me going! I’ll stop now lol


Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? We adopted Leonard last year and he made his first appearance this morning! It would have been the 1st Dec but I forgot where I stashed him he got lost on his way back from Santa’s place … I will have to think up some creative things for him this year – I feel a little outdone by all of the fantastic things other elves are going haha Check these out!

elf on the shelf elf-christmas-presents-funny-34
Elf 4 elf 3


Hopefully I will have another finish to share soon – I finally finished the gorgeous purple bed the other day! And tonight I delivered it! :) Miss A loved it! I am so relieved! I have felt so bad that it took me so long! I will share some pics as soon as they have it set up and send me some!


Anyhow, I am off for now … Busy, busy! Catch you soon!

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Random Musings and a Finish!

OK, so finally here are the pictures of my beautiful quilt I have been promising!

… and the back:
And the quilting by Quilting by Fiona :
Can you tell I like scrappy binding? I have decided to make an effort to do scrappy now and then instead of every time from now on. Not every time I bind haha

This quilt is my Quilt Along from the Bonnie & Camille Charm Swap organised by Ms Midge.
I am soooo excited that I won a prize during the charm along! It was donated by the fabulous Keera from LiveLoveSew! The prize is a Scrumptious by B&C Layer Cake and a pattern by Keera herself, the X’s and O’s Quilt. I can not wait to give it a go! It looks lovely in the Scrumptious prints hey! :)
X and O quilt
It’s available to purchase HERE!


So, I am still going on the bed stripping and re-painting. I swear I will be done and returned on the weekend!
I must. I must. I must finish so I can move onto other patiently waiting projects …

All of this paint is now removed, it’s been sanded and the first coat is on!
… please note the safety boots. I learnt well at work – “Safety first!” ;)
Seriously tho, I can’t stress enough that safety gear really should be used when using paint stripper.
You can’t see it, but I use safety glasses and gloves … This shizzle BURNS if you get it on ur skin!

It has to be said, the flies in our neighbourhood have quite the substance abuse problem!
They swarmed to the toxic paint stripper haha


My house is a pigsty right now!
Mr Manic is away for work and returning this afternoon. I am hooking in to finish it before he gets home and thinks we have been burgled and ransacked! haha It’s like an obstical course :)

It just feels so GREAT to have a purge of ‘stuff’ tho! I am even *gasp* destashing some fabric!!
I need to get rid of much more as I will never use it … but, baby steps must be taken!


The Fault In Our Stars.

the fault
I watched this gorgeous little movie last night. Cried like a baby!
I like to watch movies cold. ie not know too much about it before I watch. I find that if I go see something that has had its trailer played over and over on tv for a month or 3 that most of the good bits are in the trailer and I am left disappointed.
This movie did not disappoint at all. Fantastic acting by relative unknowns. Laura Dern was the only one I knew. I totally recommend you see it!

Rightio, back to the spring cleaning/purging/streamlining :) Have a great weekend!

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I’m Sick of Food

I am sick to my back teeth of food! I’m sick of thinking about food. I’m sick of preparing food. I’m sick of thinking up something for dinner each night. I hate that it’s usually meat and 3 veg or meat and salad.

Since we had the kids we have a rotation of about 12 meals that they will eat without losing their shit too much argument {most of the time}.
These include sausages, chicken schnitzel, rissoles, shepherds pie, fish fingers or homemade pastry pies all with veg or salad. As well as vegie pasta bake, spag bol, tacos, lasagna … Hmm. It’s worse than I thought – 10 meals – freaking TEN!!!

Dinner setting

It’s not just dinner. Master 8 has almost the exact same lunch every day. I can’t tempt him to change and if I try to surprise him into eating something new or different by popping it in his lunchbox, he will just not eat …

I made a beautiful lamb rolled roast the other night with a delicious salad. They sat there moping for an hour and then complained they were hungry! Grrrr!! One of Hubby and I’s favourite meals is corned beef and baked veg with yummy white sauce.
… It’s like I am feeding the kids poison!
And don’t even get me started on their reaction to a gorgeous stir fry!! Ugh!

dinner tantrum

Mr Manic and I used to eat so well!! I was vegetarian when we met but started eating meat again when I fell pregnant. I keep meaning to go back to vego but it’s just too hard with the way the kids are – I’d be making 2 meals each night or eating a plate of veg or salad … And did I mention how SICK I am of preparing even one meal per night? haha

Add to all of this the fact I am on a new diet. Again.
It’s an anti-diet kinda diet. I feel like I have been on a rollercoaster of regimented diets since I gave birth to my first baby.
Go on a diet, lose weight, go off the diet, put weight back on {sometimes even more than you lost in the first place!!}. Repeat.
Time to hop off the rollercoaster and just start making better choices.
Everything in moderation. Make the healthier choice. I am committed to eating whole foods as often as possible, and am hoping by changing my thinking and actions it will become a lifestyle change. One I can stick to and still live!

What’s the craziest or worst diet you’ve ever been on?
Do you have trouble getting your kids to be more adventurous with their eating?

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“But it’s a talking DOG!”

Watched ‘Up” last night for the first time!


Why have I never seen it before? It’s a delightful little movie! I wish we had talking dogs!
I love the Doberman’s chipmunk voice haha … I also love how there are bits in all the kids movies these days for adults to laugh at {for different reasons than the kids are laughing ;) }


I am almost done watching Breaking Bad!

breaking bad

It ran for 5 seasons and I never watched even a second of it. Then I saw a snippet one day and wondered why I had never jumped on the bandwagon. Literally the next day I saw that Foxtel was re-running it daily from the very beginning! So I set my timer and have been watching it since. There are 3 episodes left. Waaahhh!

I was on Walter’s side for the first couple of seasons but then he just started to piss me off with his narcissistic, psychopathic arrogance! The main 2 actors both play fantastic roles, but Jesse is the more sympathetic character in my opinion. He has a heart and some kind of conscience. Walt – not so much! It was a fab cast tho and I have really enjoyed it! Not my usual viewing at all.

I kinda seem to either be the first to see or read something or the dead last! haha I have only in the last couple of months started watching Game of Thrones as well! Again, not my usual viewing but I am persevering as everyone raves over it. {Foxtel has it on mid-season break}

game of thrones

Everyone lusts after Jon Snow but I prefer his daddy ;)


Anyhooo … I have much to do today, so will catch you next time!

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