The Countdown Is On …

The countdown is on for back to school …

Only 5 sleeps left they told me this morning.

My littlest baby is starting big boy school this year and I am getting a sad already! :(
Yes! I am one of those Mums.
The ones you see stumbling to the gate after the first drop off, blind with the tears you’ve held in until you’ve left them in their new classroom …
Because you don’t want them to start the day sad too :(
Their excitement makes me feel better.

Why can’t they slow down and stop growing up?
Is it just me or does it go really F A S T?

I am also waiting to get cracking on my next cluster for TAFE. I have lost a little motivation. I am also only part way thru the house painting. And I have heaps of sewing and quilting on my list. So I am hoping I will have HEAPS to do and avoid any moping round missing my babies *sigh*


On a plus note I have a couple of projects cut out and ready to go, I just haven’t had the space to lay them out without little feet wanting to get past … So I will knock them off the to-do list in the next few weeks!

Anyhow, that’s all I have for this short post … I will have a finish to share whenever we get a break from rain. I’m not complaining cos we reeeaaalllllly need it. But half a day of sunlight would be nice so I can get some pics taken …
Stay tuned for those, they will be sure to cheer me up :)

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ooooh That Reminds Me …

I forgot to tell you!!

The fabulous ladies at Make Modern magazine have done a feature on Ms Midge‘s, Aussie Kate Spain Charm Swap … And they featured the projects we made with the goodies from the swap!

My “Kate’s Kate” Quilt has appeared in the feature!!

{Remember her?} I am still so in love with this quilt!

And guess what? I am finished the back and it is being sent off to the fabulous Kelly from The Quilt Machine to work her magic on :) It’s QS and I think the backing is the largest single thing I have ever pieced! haha

I can’t WAIT to get her back and share some pics!
I am shaking in my boots thinking about all.that.binding. tho! :)
I have started cutting strips for it already. I can’t decide on one single binding so it will be another scrappy one I think …


You really should check out the Make Modern magazine!
Make Modern
It’s a digital magazine with fantastic content – features, tutes, tricks, tips and much, much more! You can find it HERE!


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Catch you soon!

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p.s. This made me laugh today :

paul kanye

Rainy Days Make me Happy!

I love a rainy day! It’s been raining on and off all day here – BLISS as we soo need it!

Just FYI – as I am typing this evening this song is running thru my head and it won’t go away :

So I figure if I share it with you it might! A problem shared is a problem halved, right?
{Edit : It started raining before I finished writing so this song is totally valid! ha!}


So I thought I might join in the blogging world’s ‘Word of the Year’ this year!
Last year I was still new and didn’t follow nearly as many awesome blogs as I do this year, so this is the inaugural #onelittleword for me … My word for 2015 is … drumroll please … :

Balance{do you see what I did there? ;) }

I have a huge year ahead with Family, Work, Study, Placement, Sewing, Restoring.
I need to use all of my patience and skills to get balance right at the best of times, so 2015 should be a great big test for me! It also ties in nicely with my bucket lists for this year.

What would you choose for your #onelittleword?

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2015 Here We Come!

I’m again not making New Year’s Resolutions.


Instead, from now on I will continue to make a yearly bucket list!


2015 Regular Bucket List
1. Walk our Jack more regularly {we’re both too chunky!}
2. Practice, practice, practice my Free Motion Quilting
3. Swear less {at least when the kids are in earshot}
Swear jar
4. Be more creative with my cooking
5. Say ‘No’ when I mean it more often
6. Save more / BUDGET better – we’re saving for a holiday to …


2015 Sewing Bucket List
1. Practice, practice, practice my Free Motion Quilting {you’re not imagining it – this made both lists lol Can you tell I really mean it?}
2. Make a Churn Dash Quilt. I have some Best.Day.Ever to use for this one … Soon. Very soon!
Best Day Ever
3. Sew more clothes for the kids – they LOVE it when I sew for them :)
4. Make a rainbow Plus Quilt
5. Make a Rainbow Reverse Wonky Star Quilt like this {A long-term goal that I’d like to tackle next year :) }
reverse rainbow starburst block
{I found this gorgeous example on Pintrest from Flutter Kat! }
6. Start using up all my scraps! I love scrappy quilts!
7. Buy as little as possible – Use my stash all up!
8. Log Cabin Quilt
Scrappy Log Cabin
{I found this one on Pintrest by Red Pepper Quilts and I LOVE it!}
9. This Quilt :
Bucket List quilt
{I don’t know where to credit, I found it on Pintrest and it’s link is an error :( So if it’s yours I’m sorry, if you don’t want me to use it please let me know xo}
10. A Drunkards Path Quilt. I actually have this one cut out ready to sew … one day soon!
11. Get my nephew’s and niece’s raggy quilts finished {I am actually aiming at finishing these by the end of January! Wish me luck! :D }


I will no doubt add to this list, but that will do for now :)
Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2015 will be everything you hoped and dreamed of <3

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Some Pics at Last!

I actually finished this baby before Christmas, but just had no time to head out and take some pics in good light :)

Let me introduce Enchanted Flowers!
quilt 1
Back :
quilt 2
Quilted by Quilting by Fiona in cute Mushrooms :
quilt 3
Its bound in pretty blue with white flowers :
quilt 6
I love it, especially those sweet little pinwheels … I’ll be listing it in my Etsy store this afternoon :)

I am doing some cutting today and then will have 4 quilts on the go over the next couple of weeks … There’s still 4 weeks of sleep ins school holidays and Mr Manic goes back to work next week so I am really looking forward to some peaceful sewing time in January! :D

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Have a great day!

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Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve

Is it sad that the thing I am looking forward to most is the Pavlova??

{last year’s efforts *drool*} heehee

Seriously tho, I am really looking forward to tomorrow! The boys are so excited! We won’t be having a big one this year. My brother is coming over for lunch but it certainly won’t be the HUGE family Christmas from my childhood. That’s one of the sad things about people having fewer children I think – no more squeezing 30 people into a house for a huge day week of fun, food and cheer. Oh well … fun is what you make of it. We will still have a ball together … might even squeeze some sewing in after lunch and/or dinner :)

Does your family have any cute traditions at Christmas time?
We get new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and always have something ‘junky’ for dinner – The kids have requested Maccas – yuk! And then we’ll watch some junky tv.

I remember how excited we were as kids going to bed on Christmas Eve after leaving some milk and bikkies out for Santa. My boys leave a bucket of water and some carrots or oats out for the reindeer as well <3 We used to try and stay awake to see Santa. My babies don’t seem to tho, they crash like a sack of potatoes! haha


Anyhow … Hope you all have a very happy and safe Christmas Day tomorrow!

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Santa Claus is Coming Soon!

Did your kids believe in Santa Claus? How long did it last?
My boys are 5 & 8 and still believers … Mstr 8 had a stumble in the first few weeks of Prep {he wasn’t quite 5} when one of the little fuckers darlings took it upon themselves to announce to the class the real story.
I remember when my younger brother and I found out. We had heard the whispers at school and decided to put it to the test! We got rough with our bikes and Mum warned us to be gentler with them. We started sprouting off that Christmas was coming up and Santa would bring some new ones … Then she was all like:
yoda shit got real
And so we were told haha – I was 7, lil bro was 6. Not sure how old my sister and youngest bro were when they found out … I must ask them one day soon!
Anyhow … I guess I am asking cos Mstr 8 is already older than we were when we found out and, if I’m completely honest I’m a little afraid of him being embarrassed if he’s the last one in his class and is teased.


Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I have been finished for ages … Just need to send some off before Easter is upon us heehee IN FACT! I am so organised I’m a little bit like this :
meme free time

Anyhow … Must get back to my painting! we decided on a new colour and I am in love with it! I will share some before and after pics when I am finished this room … I’ll also have the latest quilt finish to share in the next couple of days. Just need to find some time to take the pics!

Catchya’s soon!

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