Happy Birthday to Me!! Plus Astronomy and a Make Over!

Well, Happy Birthday to “Manic Mumdays” anyhow ;)

MM Birthday

2 Years ago yesterday I started this little blog! Yaay! And I am only just this last few months being kind to it and spending some real time on here.


I was going to post this last night but we went with our Grade 3 classes out to the lake and had a session with the Astronomy Club!

I could soooo buy myself a decent telescope and get into that as a hobby! It was amazing! The fabulous telescopes they had out there cost less than I assumed! Might be time to start saving! Haha!
When our lovely host, Bob was talking about the Milky Way and the fact that it has 200Billion stars, I was getting a little teary with how insignificant we really are!
It blows my mind that all of that potential is out there. I definitely believe we can’t be alone in this … We’re talking 200,000,000,000 other stars – just in our Galaxy! And if each of those stars has 8 planets like ours does that’s 1.6Trillion possibilities! {that’s 1,600,000,000,000} There has to be some other life form out there – What do you think?

We saw Saturn which looked just like this but a little less distinct:


And Jupiter with a couple of its 60+ moons. Our view was exactly like this :

Jupiter and moons

We got to see Mercury just before it disappeared over the horizon and Mars which really was red! There was some white on it from the nitrogen ice cap! We looked at a brand new {only 10,000,000 years old ;) } cluster of 40+ stars called the Jewel Box Cluster :

the jewel box cluster

We also looked at The Southern Cross and Alpha Centauri {actually 2 stars! And one of the Pointers!}; Scorpio; and Sagittarius.

*sigh* I desperately want a telescope now! haha


Mr Manic helped me move my newly made over sewing table into place on Thursday!

To say I’m in love is an understatement!

Here are some pics :

Desk Before

Desk After

The ‘After’ pics are in crappy light, cos we kept running out of time and I didn’t want to go without using it any longer haha
The colour is darker – more the colour of the top.

I replaced the handles with some gorgeous crystal drawer pulls I found in the Antique store; bogged up the old holes; repaired some minor damage to the bottom on one of the drawers; papered the drawers; painted it; and replaced the old, rusty castors.
It was a bit ugly with its old, yellowing varnish, but structurally, it was in fantastic condition!

I have decided to make over a little bookcase I got cheap at a garage sale in the same colour to put with it. I’ll finally have something to store my quilting books, patterns, and bits n bobs on! It was pretty sound but since removing it’s back it’s a little fragile. Fingers X’d I can fix him up :)

Anyhow … I am off to work a bit more on my little bookcase now!
Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!

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Latest Upcycle Project Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

I am still working on my sewing table … would you like a sneak peek?

kates table snippit

I am in LOVE with the colour!
But … Looking at it I am kinda in half a mind that it’s too full on all in the same colour.
I was originally going to stain it.
Then decided to use some of the gorgeous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I won and talked about HERE.

I think for now I will wax it and then down the track I might cut the top back and stain it … What do you think?


My gorgeous Kate Spain Charm Along quilt made an appearance on 13 Spools this week! You can find it HERE! I feel very honoured!


My poor little man is sick :( I had to leave a training course early yesterday to collect him from kindy and he came home and crashed. I thought he was mainly just tired but then we woke him for a bath and he insisted on going to bed without dinner and crashed again! He came out round 9pm saying “I just want to cuddle you and then go back to bed” which he did.
He is crashed out on the couch right now :( Poor little darling, I hate when they’re sick!


I dug round YouTube to find this and share with a friend today and thought I’d share it here too. Very funny stuff :D

Anyhow, I’m off to check on my sick baby. Cya next time!

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6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Issue #3

I did heaps of sanding on my new sewing table for a couple of hours this afternoon and my arms feel like they are going to fall off!
So.Much.Pain! I was going to paint the underneath of it tonight {It’s upside down right now, so perfect opportunity!} But I took some painkillers and after this I might crash and hope they are ok in the morning!


Just came across this fabulous vid on a friend’s facebook feed and can feel a trip down the black hole of YouTube vids! haha
So I thought I’d play another round of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon while I slid into the abyss! :D
Here’s a couple of my fave dudes, Jimmy Fallon and the hugely talented Adam Levine for #1 :

From there I saw another vid I have seen on facebook this week. #2 is a beautiful Mother/Daughter moment. So heartwarming <3 :

I am a sucker for Jimmy! So Jimmy + Will Smith = what could be better for #3? :

#4 I love these 2 together! So funny! {little known fact about me #1174 – I have a little JT crush!} :

#5 Jimmy Vids seem to have only Jimmy to 6 Degree from, so pardon me, but here is Jimmy again! :

haha they were funny! Might choose another #hashtag one! Here’s #6 :

Well … That’s 6 Degrees. They were all pretty close tonight. Might have to keep Jimmy off the playlist next time. But I have to admit, I am heading back to YouTube for a few minutes to watch some more #Hashtag reels right now! :D


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ok, good night all! <3

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Lessons We Learned This Week

First of all, welcome Spring!!! Yaaay! My favourite season is upon us once again :D

It’s still misty on my way to work at 6.15!! But it’s like this in no time :
spring morning


So, my big boy and I learned a couple of things together this last week or so.

Lesson # 1.

Back story = I detest lying!! If you wanna know only one thing about me, know that lying is a deal breaker.
Long story, short version. He had a little stumble at school involving some of the values we are teaching and I questioned his honesty and integrity {don’t laugh, these are words I use with my boys, they’re values I regard extremely highly!}. He then lied and made it worse. He was grounded and banned from gadgets for a month. This is his all time least favourite punishment! So it works a treat as a deterrent. Usually.

Anyhow, he got upset all over again when I told Mr Manic after work. Mr Manic asked if I thought shaming him was the right thing to do.

And do you know what? I’m ok with it. I didn’t set to shame him, of course. But I’ll sleep fine with it for sure.

I think shame in your own bad actions is one of the things missing from today’s society. If you’ve done something shameful you should feel ashamed! I wouldn’t have told it to a wider audience, just like I’m not sharing the full story right here. And now, here we are 2 or 3 days down the track and apart from sulking over being grounded and not being able to use gadgets, he is none the worse for it.
Personally, I believe that if wanting to never feel shame ever again is a deterrent to doing the wrong thing next time, then freaking YAY! Happy side effect and parenting win as far as I’m concerned.
The last part of his punishment was to go to school the next morning and deliver a heartfelt apology to the person involved which he did with courage and genuine remorse. He is generally a kid who we never have issues with. This was totally out of character and I am fairly confident it won’t ever happen again.

Lesson learned = Feeling ashamed of bad actions is ok.


Lesson #2.

My big boy has been promoted to ‘Squad’ at swimming lessons recently. Yay! He is such a lovely little swimmer! My brother was a fantastic swimmer and could should have gone all the way to the Olympics with it. If only … But that’s a loooong story for another day.

Anyhow, it’s now an earlier time slot. 9am on a Saturday morning which means we need to get up at 7.15 to get there on time.
I was lamenting this fact to Mr Manic a few days ago and didn’t think anything more of it. Until Mstr 8 started getting grumpier the closer it go to the weekend, and saying he didn’t want to swim squad. I pressed him and found out it was because “I feel bad cos you have to get up early on your day off after working hard all week just to take me to squad” OMG! My heart filled to bursting point!
He is such a gentle, soft soul, and so mature that I sometimes think I treat him like he is older than he actually is and then I get a little shock when he acts like a kid lol I love his guts so much!

Lesson learned = Kids hear everything! Even if they don’t appear to be listening, they are haha :)


I haven’t been doing any sewing lately :( Sad because I am running late with my Bee blocks!!
I lent my fold up tables to a friend for her little boy’s birthday party and haven’t picked them up yet. Kinda deliberately as I was trying to use it as fuel to get my sewing table project finished. That’s still a way off. I decided I wanted to paint and wax it instead of my old plan and that’ll take a while longer. I’ll then have to let the wax cure before giving it any hard use too … *le sigh*! I have had some very early starts this week and I am dead tired, but hopefully I’ll get it done over the weekend :)

Oh well … I have finished my Sunny chair tho! I’ll post a few pics over the weekend. Anyhow, catch you on the flip side,

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I played FMS’s August-Photo-A-Day!

I have played along Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day alot in the last couple of years.
This time I thought I’d share it with y’all!

August 2014 Photo A Day

Before I share my own pics, I want to share something even cooler with you :
Did you know Chantelle from FMS has recently developed and released a FABULOUS new app?
It’s called Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim and you can find it in the App Store HERE.
It’s cute and fun and best of all, if you play along with FMS’s Photo A Day you get sent a reminder and can add it right there! No mucking around or downloading/uploading/freeloading/or even plain old loading!
The app has some lovely filters, captions and stickers and there’s an option to add your own text as well. My favourite filters are ‘Glow’ and ‘Beachy’ but there’s a filter for every moment :) Here’s how it went down in the August Photo A Day for me :

1. Landscape – “I love that even living so close to the beach we still have a gorgeous Aussie bush landscape to enjoy :)
2. Lunch – at work, drinking some crap softdrink, not eating. And totally regretting transferring from my old store :( {I later settled in and now adore being back at my current store and in my new dept. }
3. S is for… Sunday Sewing Sesh *bliss*
IMG_4227 (2)
4. In the middle – yummyness in the middle
4 in the middle
5. Pile – pile of damn folding to do!  :-/ least the ironing pile behind it is nearly empty …
5 pile
6. Grateful for… family, health and walks on the beach :)
6 grateful
7. Spot – my usual Thursday coffee spot while my lil man has his swimming lesson = bliss!
7 spot
8. Pet peeve – The new rolls are right there – why can’t anyone else in the house work out how to put one on????
9. Mix – cupcakes for class party tomorrow :)

10. Art – on the water tank :)
11. Mirror – My big man in the rear-view mirror
11 mirror
12. Gather – the seagulls gather in this exact spot every morning! They are always here :)
13. Inside – a huge box + air bags and peanuts … What’s inside? 2 tiny bottles of pigment!
14. Give
15. Clouds – some serious around clouds today … That’s a large island peeking outa the clouds there!
16. Clean – the streets always seem so fresh and clean after rain :)
17. Dinner – Can I share your dinner please? :)
18. Arrow

19. To-do – I would be lost without my diary full of to-do’s!
20. Before bedtime – Today’s project … Hope to finish first coat ‘Before bedtime’
21. Decorate – this prize pack has just landed on my doorstep …. It will definitely help me to decorate!!!
22. Words – on my boy’s bedroom wall <3
23. Style – My style is comfy pj’s! haha

24. Fragrant – I love my fragrant candles!
25. Mailhe picture on the envelope is more interesting than the mail itself!
26. Breakfast – vegemite toast n coffee … What could be better?
27. Dull – some might say it’s dull … But I adore sea glass and Ryan and I add to my collection every time we hit the beach
28. Travel – yes please!!
29. Dessert – My little man is 5 today!!! So dessert is cake!
30. Nearby - They’re nearby!
31. 10amWas at work doing all these steps phone died round 3 so I only got this recorded. Reckon I would have made my 10,000 too – my feet are aching! Lol

Well … that’s my Photo A day for August! Did you play along?

If you want to play along for September, here is the list!

 September 2014 Photo A Day
If you are keen, feel free to tag me when you share in instagram and I will check them out! :)
My insta is @twolittlerascals

Have a wonderful September! :D

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Mid Week Rambling

humpday2     humpday
That’s right – HAPPY HUMP DAY everyone!
Not that I know why I’m excited – I work Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue this weekend … so it’s kinda like a long weekend in reverse or an anti-long-weekend! lol

Oh well … I don’t mind cos I must admit, I am absolutely loving my job right now! I spoke to my boss the other day and she has okayed me holding a DIY class on make-your-own Chalk Paint! Yaay! Very excited :) And next week I am going to try making my own Milk Paint! If only finding powder pigments weren’t so hard! Do any of you know where I can find some that won’t cost an arm and a leg??


Not much is happening on the sewing front for me right now.
This might be hard to believe, but I have been sewing for the last year or two on a Blow Mould, fold out table in our living room! haha
Anyhow, I lent our 2 fold out tables to a friend last week and I took it as an opportunity for a clean up.
The same day I found this amazing wooden table/desk on Gumtree!!

IMG_4393 (2)

It’s on castors and needs a bit of a tidy up, you might be able to see I’ve already started to sand the drawers? One needed a little repair too and I put them back in to take a quick pic … The yellow/orange varnish has to go!
This baby is super sturdy tho! And she fits my cutting mat well. Exactly what I was looking for!
I will at last be able to sew above medium speed without the table shaking and supplies falling off from the vibrations! :D
Hopefully I will get the make over done including a quick wax today, and get her in and being used by tomorrow!

And not before time either! I’m running late on August’s Bee block! :-/ September’s is up already and I hope to get them both done before Friday … Speaking of Friday – It’s my little man’s birthday!! I can’t believe he will be 5 already!! He has requested a Minecraft cake and I was pushing for Creeper. He has narrowed it down to Enderman. *phew*! Of alllll the possible Minecraft cakes, this would have to be the easiest!


I am starting a detox tomorrow. Not sure what to expect, but I am going to be very strict and stick to it all. Even the nil-caffine rule! :-/ Not sure how that one will go! lol Wish me luck!


Check out this fun Quilt Block quiz! I found it over at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. blog, Cutting Table. You can take it by clicking the pic :

which quilt block

Sew, which Quilt Block are you? I’d love it if you left me a comment to let me know!
I got ‘Flying Geese’ which is interesting since I have never made a flying geese block. Like ever! haha
Might have to add something with them to my to-do list …


Well … that’s all I have for today. Will try to squeeze a quick update in early next week – Cya then!

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Excitement to the MAX!!!

Look what has just arrived on my doorstep!!!

IMG_4362 (2)

It’s the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint prize pack I won from Kartina Chambers blog {I mentioned it HERE!}

I can’t wait to get into it!!! They are sew pretty!


I have recently upcycled a cheap TV cabinet for the boy’s new playroom {I am re-arranging and re-painting all the rooms}.

I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for it. It is lightly shabbied and waxed.
This is the before and after :

Kids TV cabinet makeover

I will take some better pictures of it and share in a future post.


I recently tried my hand at making my own chalk paint and have started a little project with it :


I am in love with the colour! It is sooooo bright and beautiful!!


I am also going to try to make my own milk paint in the next few days!
When I have done so, and used it, I will do a special post rating the 4 in my own opinion. So stay tuned! ;)


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Thanks! Cya next time,

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