Bonnie & Camille Charm-Along!

I am participating right now in the 3rd Aussie Charm-Along hosted by the always brilliant Ms Midge!

First off we did Kate Spain {The quilt top from that swap is my header!}
I am still working on the back of that one so it hasn’t been quilted yet – Boooo!

Then came Bonnie & Camille. It’s quilted and I’m just finishing the binding on it so I don’t have a completed pic of it to share … But here is a pic of the quilt top :

IMG_4647 (2)

I really love this quilt! I think it might be It’s going to be my new couch quilt :)
It’s the perfect size too!

And the 3rd we are in the midst of is Amy Butler!
I am so very excited for them to arrive!!!


Did anyone catch “The Code” on ABC the last couple of months? It wrapped up last night – What a ripper little Aussie drama it was!
Next 2 weeks in its place there will be a 2 part movie on Ian Flemming – Author of the 007 novels … that should be interesting.
Do you think I am showing my age sinceΒ  I am watching ‘Aunty’ more n more these days? haha


Anyhow, I need to go get cracking on finishing my binding. Hope y’all have a great week!
{tho, hopefully I’ll post again before the weeks out! haha}

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Bits n Pieces …

Ugh! I started this post nearly 2 weeks ago!

Then I had TAFE and work and kids and … life got in the way.

And then on Saturday evening there was a large fire just up the road and our local internet crashed. When it was still down I reported the issue to Telstra. They said it would be rectified in 48-72 hrs. I gave them 72hrs {almost to the minute ;) heehee} and rang again this afternoon … Turns out everyone else’s was restored Monday. Ours was fixed after 1 1/2 hrs on the phone and a LOT of cajolling on my part :-/

Anyhow … here is what I was sayin’ :
Did anyone catch the new series with Nina Proudman Asher Keddie in it? ?
I wasn’t going to as I am still mourning Offspring. But it was a slow night and I thought what the hell … I didn’t mind it.
The only thing I didn’t really like in the pilot was the repetitive phrase “Across it” They used it 3 times in the first couple of minutes.
Not a great phrase and very noticeable. On the whole I didn’t mind it tho, and I’ll watch it again :)
And here is where I got up to lol :
since I’ve now caught another episode, I still think it’s ok. It’s not knocking my socks off, but I guess I am still comparing it to her other work … AND they friggin said “Across it” again!!! ARGH!


I have been so busy lately!! Big working weeks, TAFE placements and working on assessments for it at night as well as running round after the kids means Kate is one tired little chicken …
We had a ladies night at work tonight and I have not long gotten home from hosting a demo table *yawn* I work in the paint dept {which I adore!} and I demonstrated how I make my own chalk paint! Fun!!

Speaking of “Chicken”, Mr.5 has started calling me “Chicken” It’s so cute!!! He uses the cutest tone. And sometimes turns it into “My little chicken” Love his guts! He is such a little character :D


Mr.8 came home yesterday bursting with pride!
He set himself a goal of being awarded a “Bronze Medallion” this year. To my knowledge there’s only 2 been awarded since the school opened 4yrs ago. To get one you have to obtain 4 purple merit certificates in one month which earns you a “Principal’s Award” … 10 Principal’s awards earns you a Bronze Medallion. And he did it! With a month to spare! :D They told him he is the youngest to get one! He is so proud of himself and I couldn’t be prouder of him either! Love his guts!


Anyhow, I will do a proper post over the weekend … one with pictures an’ all! ;)

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Another Makeover!


Friday a friday b

And it’s a long weekend here in sunny Qld – yaaay!!

I am having a HUGE spring clean right now. And just for shits n giggles I thought {for some reason} that it was practical to paint a few of the rooms at the same time. Seemed like a good idea at the time! haha
I went to move some furniture round and decided to save time … Paint the walls I am putting the furniture on and then I won’t have to move the furniture over the next few weeks again to paint :) See? Sanity amid the madness!

You know how things always get really messy when you spring clean … before they get … clean?
Well, that’s where I’m at right now. Messy! But I am making progress, so I persevere!


I finished a quilt last weekend and it went to my quilter Tuesday. She is a magician and got it back to me Wednesday!! Such fabulous work and always waaaay faster than I expect! Anyhow, I am binding it this weekend and will show it off next week.
If you are after a fantastic quilter you can find Fiona’s facebook page HERE! I highly recommend her!

I have some pics of my last furniture makeover to tide you over tho!

This is what it started as :

I ripped the back off and started sanding before I remembered I hadn’t taken pics … oops! So please excuse the back just sitting behind :)
After I removed the back I was a little worried as it became wobbly. I was very hopeful that putting a new back on it would stabilise. It did!

A good waxing all over and it’s good to go! Here it is after :


I painted it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Florence. Which matches my sewing desk and replaced the back with some decorative pine ply. I used ply as the back was going to be visible and I wanted the layers to be a feature like this :

IMG_4695 (2)

I used a nice thick piece to make it heavier and more stable. It’s turned out exactly how I wanted it to and fits into the space I wanted to use it on perfectly! I sometimes think it’s sad how giddy I get when playing with my little projects and they work out just as I planned … But then I just get on with being giddy! haha :)
I haven’t finished putting all my bits n bobs on it, but here it is in its space; and in relation to the desk :



Well, that’s all I’ve got for tonight – have a fantastic weekend!
And if you’re in Queensland, have a fantastic LONG weekend!

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It’s been a whole year …

… since our little Quilting Bee, QCA#3, kicked off!

It’s really flown, but at the same time, it seems like we’ve been in it for ages!
Here are the last 2 blocks ~ August :

Bee Block ~ August

And September :

Bee Block ~ September

I’ve really enjoyed this experience but most of the ladies are too busy so have opted out on a second round.
One even has a baby about to arrive! :) Excitement!
I was on the fence and thought I would have been happy either way but I am feeling a little wistful now …
Oh well, all good things must come to an end :)


Here are all of my contributions :

Collage QCA BEE #3

All the ladies made gorgeous choices for their blocks! Most All were a complete pleasure to make ;) Mine is the top middle, I was November last year! I haven’t pieced the quilt as I have a couple of alterations to make … I have also made a further 8 blocks to make it bigger!
But here are the 12 blocks of the worker bees + the one I did for that month {It’s in the top left corner} :

Bee Nov - MINE collage

Pretty, hey!
I’m sad we’re disbanding the Bee … But so very happy to have been a part of it!
<3 Thank you ladies! <3


Rightio, that all from me for tonight – short and sweet! Catchya next time.

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6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon #4

WARNING : Today’s edition is really “80’s ballad-y” sappy today, especially the first one – sorry folks! haha!

If there’s nothing on the TV on the weekends I switch over to MAX or Smooth on Foxtel …
Smooth is just nice, easy listening music and MAX has some awesome countdowns. Today it’s “Most Requested 80’s”

Anyhow, one of the clips got me googling a long forgotten song this afternoon and I noticed a clanger ‘bookmark’ in my life song on the side so I decided to play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon leaping off from it!
{If anyone can guess the bookmark moment I have a box of chocs for you! :D Comment if you can guess! It’s a pearler, I promise haha}

Here it is ~ #1 Michael Bolton, Said I Loved You … But I Lied :


From there I jumped to my favourite Dirty Dancing song! #2 Patrick Swayze, She’s Like the Wind :

{The clip on this isn’t the video clip, it’s more of a Patrick tribute which I am ok with … love him still!}


The next one is one of my all time favourite songs! #3 John Lennon, Imagine :


From there, one of my all time fav bands. One of my all time fave songs of theirs. Nuff said ~ #4 U2, With or Without You :


Oh.eM.Gee! This group we such a favourite of my teens!! #5 Roxette, Listen to Your Heart :

How sexy was Marie in this film clip?! Barefoot, simple black singlet dress. *sigh*


Last jump ~ #6 Bon Jovi, Always :

Love, love, love Jon :)


K, well I have a couple of projects to work on so I am off – enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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So, yesterday I stumbled upon a fabulous challenge!

It’s called “Taking Stock”!

It can be found on Meet Me at Mikes, and I saw it via WoogsWorld!

I thought I’d give it a try, here we gooooo!

Making : A Bonnie & Camille Charm Along Quilt
Cooking : used to be a pleasure …
Drinking : Water atm. Only thing that helps with the coughing!
Reading : James Patterson 12th of Never. Standard JP so far …
Wanting : Ben and Jerry’s Clusterfluffs please!!
Looking : at the folding and ironing while thinking up excuses to not do it
Playing : Mahjong Trails is about the only game I play at the moment
Deciding : What I want to do with my life ….. it’s hard!
Wishing : my extended family all lived closer
Enjoying : the warmer days and ocean breezes
Waiting : to be finally over this damn cold!
Liking : my life at the moment!
Wondering : WTF is going on in the world lately …? :(
Loving : the fact that one of my gorgeous goddesses got engaged last night!!! {Congrats S and N! <3 }
Pondering : what to get the babies for lunch … boring sando’s no doubt lol
Considering : My options …. hmmm cryptic hey! haha
Watching : I am addicted to Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones … I know, I know! I’m late to the party! But better late than never ;) I am also enjoying Orange is the New Black and Outlander.
Hoping : to win the RSL prize in 10 days ;)
Marvelling : that my youngest will be in prep in just a few short months :-/ … WHERE has the time gone??
Needing : a good night’s sleep. You know how you just don’t sleep well when ur sick? It’s been 3 nights now – I’m exhausted! Plus I’ve been staying up late which doesn’t help.
Smelling : Cigarettes! One of my back neighbors is smoking and it’s drifting right in our back door! Ugh! Wish we were on a bigger block with neighbours further away …
Wearing : yoga pants and singlet. I really need to shop for some new clothes soon!
Following : not much at the moment. Trying to stop being a ‘follower’!
Noticing : the kids aren’t fighting much these holidays – yaay!
Knowing : it can’t last tho, surely? haha
Thinking : that I better get off my puter and finish this quilt top now!
Admiring : single, working Mum’s … It’s hard sorting out life with a partner, let alone by yourself. School holidays + a job is a nightmare
Sorting : out my ‘to do’ list
Buying : nothing! I am trying to STOP spending!
Getting : more and more keen on buying a new {to us} car!
Bookmarking : my TAFE course was my last bookmark! :)
Disliking : all the terror/muslim/war stuff going on in the world of late :(
Opening : my eyes later than normal is awesome – school holiday sleep-ins ROCK!!
Giggling : at the kids chattering away while playing Mario Kart on their DS’s
Feeling : happy that I am nearing the end of this list – it’s hard!
Snacking : on Doritos and Corn dip. Naughty.
Coveting : the house up the hill. I wish I had $2mill
Wishing : see above ;) heehee {Just re-read my list and noticed another ‘wishing’ near the top!!! haha}
Helping : the kids bake over the weekend
Hearing : the news is bringing me down so I resolve to switch it off from now on. Ignorance is sometimes bliss!


WOW! That was harder than I thought it would be!
Have a fabulous weekend! Catch you soon

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What’s New Pussy Cat?

Well, the Bonnie & Camille Aussie Charm Swap has wrapped up and I am totally organised for the B & C Charm along!!!

Here is my pic of the charms we received as I was sorting them :

IMG_4628 (2)

I have impressed even myself with my motivation as I am sick as a dog right now! I’ve even lost my voice which the kids love! haha

BUT! I am nearly finished a throw sized quilt top!

What a fabulous Swap! Thanks heaps Ms Midge!


Β … Speaking of the Fabulous Ms M … I don’t know where she finds the time to do all that she does!
I am sure she has stolen Hermione Granger’s time turner!

Because, if you don’t follow her BLOG {you should!!} you might not know – she has just kicked off her 3rd Aussie Charm Swap!!!

This one is for another of my all time favourites ~ AMY BUTLER!!!! :D

I am signed up and you should too! <3

Amy Butler Swap Button


Also, don’t forget to check out my Manic Mumdays page on Facebook!

facebook image


I’ll be back in a couple of days with some pics of the B & C quilt I’m working on :)

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